Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor died today in Los Angeles. She was admitted six weeks ago to Cedars Sinai Medical Center for a heart condition. Today she died of congestive heart failure. Elizabeth Taylor was 79 years old.
Her parents were from Kansas but she was born In England during the year 1929. Her parents were living there while her father worked as an art dealer. The family fled back to American during the beginning of World War II. They settled in Los Angeles, staying with her maternal grandparents. A family friend knew an executive at Universal Studios and it was suggested that she meet with him. She was immediately signed to Universal but her association with them was short lived. Universal did not want to continue her contract because she could not sing or dance. However, Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) immediately signed her based on her unusual beauty and what they saw in her acting abilities.
She starred in her first blockbuster film at the age of 12. National Velvet is still remembered as an outstanding classic. It was not just the catalyst for Taylor’s career, it also starred newcomers Angela Lansbury and Roddy McDowell. She soon became famous not only for her looks, but for her ability to shoot a scene in one take.
Her reputation as an excellent actress continued into her adult hood with 3 Academy Awards nominations in a row. Taylor said that she would like most to be remembered for her role in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf , but it was her role in Cleopatra that made her the highest paid actress in Hollywood.
Elizabeth Taylor spent the 1980’s doing television and Broadway musicals. She took a part as Wilma Flintstone’s mother in The Flintstones, played herself in The Simpsons, and starred on General Hospital. Her theatrical performances include The Little Foxes and Private Lives.
Controversy followed her for most of her life and she seemed to welcome it. She was an strong supporter of Michael Jackson during his molestation trials. She spoke out against smoking after having smoked for years (saying it contributed to her heart condition). She founded the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. She was married a total of 8 times. Her husbands included some of the most prominent names in Hollywood: John Warner, Richard Burton, and Eddie Fisher.

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