moneyWhen the spring semester is said and done, you are most likely left with textbooks you won’t be using again. And why add to the clutter right? Your first thought may naturally be that “used textbooks cannot be sold.”  Guess what?  They can!  Your used textbooks can earn you some money to put towards your next college semester.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  I know that moms in school, like the moms over on our Facebook page, and moms in the work force are always finding ways to earn that extra money to make life a little easier so this option is definitely worth looking into.

I was surprised to find quite a few places that actually do buy your used textbooks.  One of the sites I found was recommended by Stefani over at  It can be seen first on the list below.  (Mommy Enterprises is a trusted blog for moms as it is a source for free stuff, bargains, and more.  It’s definitely worth checking out). 

*Before using these sites, be sure to research them further and ask a lot of questions before submitting any of your information. You want to get the best price quote possible!

Sites that buy your used textbooks

  • Sell Back Books– This site claims to pay you top dollar for your used textbooks.  You can get paid with their ACH Direct Deposit option.  They also pay you to ship your book.  Free shipping is always nice, especially if you will be getting money in return.  All you do is enter the ISBN and it will automatically price your textbook for you.  Pretty nifty!
  • Chegg– This site allows you to sell your textbooks for cash.  Just like sell back books you get a price quote for your books, free shipping, and then you get paid upon receipt of the books sold.  
  • Valore Books– This site allows you to sell your books and get paid in 48 hours.  This site also offers free shipping.  After you sell your textbooks, Valore Books keeps record of your sell back list.  
  • Books Value– Books Value buys used textbooks from faculty and students.  You can get “premium prices” and “instant online quotes.”  
  • We Buy Textbooks– This site claims to pay the most for your used textbooks.  (It’s probably a good idea to compare prices at this point to see what you can truly get back).  They offer multiple payment options to meet everyone’s needs.  
  • Half on eBay– This is your textbook superstore on eBay where you can sell any textbook.  Just enter your ISBN and it instantly offers you an online quote.  
  • Abe Books– This is a quick and convenient buyback service for your used books.  They also buy back new books as well.  They claim to have bought back over 1,000,000 titles. 
  • Swap Books– With this site you can buy, sell, and swap any of your textbooks.  They claim to be free, secure, and easy!  
  • Big Words– This site allows you to sell your used textbooks.  They also allow you to sell your DVDS, Music, and Games. Wow! Nice, right?  So when selling your textbooks, search for any DVDS, music, or games that you don’t want anymore.  I’m sure you can earn a nice extra chunk of change that way too.  

Other textbook buy back sites include but are not limited to: Book Byte, Text Books R Us, and Money for Books.  Also, you may remember reading a recent post about Amazon Student here on  Not only do they sell textbooks for a reasonable price they offer you 60 percent back when you sell your books back to them. Gotta love that!

Probably by now you are getting the point that you can sell your textbooks to sites that will buy them.  There are quite a few of these particular sites out there but finding who offers the best prices is probably the most challenging part. 

Would you consider selling your books to any of these sites if you knew you could get quality price quotes?  Maybe you have used one of these sites or more than one.  Which one would you recommend and why?


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  • If you visit, it will allow you to see the prices that all these Book Buyback Companies are offering for a textbook at once. It saves me a lot of time!

  • offers the same type of service: seeing all the prices being offered at once! That way you can pick and choose the best deal, like you do when you buy the books in the first place.

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