Bryant & Stratton College, one of the leading higher education schools for online associate’s degrees, is hosting a free webinar series about post-graduation career opportunities for existing and prospective students throughout the month of April.

The classes will be lead by Kim Dority, an experienced speaker who has presented at numerous career conferences using her perspective as a career coach, information specialist and founder of Dority & Associates, Inc, an online content development company.

Anyone looking for tips and tricks on how to get ahead in their career path can benefit from the three-part series, which emphasizes that students should be preparing for life after graduation long before donning the ceremonial cap and gown.

Coupled with the rough economy, today’s competitive job market necessitates that students plan for their career as early as high school. Even college graduates will have to prove their worth, no longer being able to flash a college degree and land their dream job.

Dority stressed this point, saying that although having a college degree is essential to developing a career, job-seekers must do more to stand out among the competition.

She said recent college graduates who have little experience have trouble promoting themselves and building upon their skills after graduation. But, with the help of networking and “building their professional brand,” job-seekers can distinguish themselves from other job applicants, she said.

Her webinars are set to explain exactly how to take these steps, breaking the process into three topics.

Dority’s first webinar for Bryant & Stratton College, entitled “Jumpstart Your Career,” will be a general introduction to the idea of starting to plan for career opportunities before graduation day. The second webinar, “Build Your Professional Brand” explains how students can display their experience, personal and professional strengths and interests to the career world, helping them to establish value further than the points listed on their printed resume.

The third and final webinar, “How To Build a Resilient Career,” points out that even after finding a post-graduation job, people must continue to plan for their future in order to have a true career. Dority advises that a resilient career comes by making wise and informed decisions, taking responsibility for those decisions and rolling with the punches when plans are taken in a different direction. Confidence is another key point stressed in this webinar.

Scott Traylor, Associate Campus Director for Online Education at Bryant & Stratton College, said he is excited the college is able to offer Dority’s knowledge free of charge, to anyone who is interested. He said the webinars are intended to get people thinking about how they can become actively pursue their future by positioning themselves for success before college graduation. And as employers receive hundreds of applications for a single job description, viewers of the webinars will ideally learn how to stand out in the crowd.

The webinars also include a free hand-out that is available for download at Bryant & Stratton College’s Web site.

For information about specific dates and times of the webinar series, visit

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