Final SemesterAs the spring semester continues on its inevitable path, it’s time to start thinking about your celebration plans for when the semester is all said and done.  Whether you are a mom graduating college or you’re completing your very first semester, this is definitely something to celebrate.  I like to call it a “mom milestone.

What are some ways moms can celebrate this hard earned success?  Well, if you are a mom that loves shopping (clothes, handbags, chocolates, and manicures), then you are most definitely ready to celebrate the end of the semester in style.  If you are a mom not currently in school, maybe you have recently started a “mommy business or “new career.”  Whatever your circumstance, it’s definitely time to celebrate that milestone as well.

If you are wanting to celebrate the end of the spring semester with a new outfit, here are the top 5 women’s clothing stores you may consider choosing from:

(FYI: Many of these stores offer college student discounts, so ask or research the retailer for more details and before your student ID becomes invalid).

Top 5 Clothing Stores

  1. Ann Taylor– If you currently have a U Promise credit card; you can earn 3% college savings.
  2. Gap– Macy’s currently has a student rate exclusive on
  3. H&M- Many coupon sites such as currently offer H&M discounts.
  4. J. Crew– J. Crew use to offer college student and teacher discounts.  Check with your local store to see if this offer still applies.
  5. Macy’s– You can use your U Promise credit card at Macy’s as well and earn 3% back on college savings.


If it’s not a new outfit you fancy, how about rewarding yourself with a new handbag?   How about a cute and trendy collegiate handbag?  This is just a fun yet different way of celebrating your college pride.  If you want to take a peak at all the styles and current schools that offer these handbags go to college handbags on


Are you a fan of Godiva chocolate? If you obtain a discount card as seen on, you can save 15%.  Doesn’t that sound amazing and so worth it?  What mom doesn’t love chocolate?  I know I do and this would be the ideal reward for me any day.

A Day at the Spa

If you are a mom trying to watch your waistline, then treat yourself to a day at the spa instead.  Be sure to throw a manicure and pedicure in the mix.  You can check out a spa near you on   Many spas are constantly offering coupons and discounts.  Some spas even offer discounts for college students.  It’s best to ask those specific questions before making an official appointment.  You never know what you could be missing out on.

Okay moms, what do you think?  If this applies to you will you reward yourself at the end of this spring semester for completing your goals? Maybe even reward yourself with more than one?  Go for it, you deserve it!  If you know of any other places that offer student discounts or anything I may have missed, please feel free to share with us.

* If you are a working mom but would like to earn your degree online, check out our list of online schools here on

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