Moms and Online CollegeOkay, so I understand that online colleges weren’t created specifically for moms but it sure does seem that way doesn’t it?  I mean it’s like whoever thought of this had moms in mind and who knows, maybe they did.  But if the truth be told, in this busy world we live in, it just seems to be one of the best options of college education available. Wouldn’t you agree?

Why do I think this is the best education option available?  Well, if you are indeed a mom then most likely you know that moms are gifted with organizational skills and multi-tasking.  It may come naturally for some and others may have to work at it.  Having children is an instant wake up call to get you motivated in those areas that is for sure.  But online college allows moms to stay focused on their goals all the while raising a family.  It just seems easier to keep everything contained in one place and that one place being the home.

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According to Jennifer Applin, “anyone can become a student, but not everyone can succeed at it in the way moms can, especially online.“ That is a bold statement but I can’t deny that it is the  truth.    Because of a mom’s hectic schedule, many would beg to differ that moms just do not have time to devote themselves to online college.  It may be more challenging for some moms and I think it may have to do with how many children are present in the home.  For example, a mom with one child may have an easier time focusing on her online education vs. a mother with 4, 5, 6 etc., children.  I think a mom knows how much she can handle, so therefore, online college works for any mom wanting to obtain a college degree.

What if the mom is a working mom?  I personally know of two moms that are working full time and going to school online and get this, they have three or more children.  I know that they could stand here right now and tell you that it is not easy and it is a major challenge every step of the way.

Do stay at home moms have it easier?  They may have more of an advantage but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be all that easy either.  Many stay at home moms find the biggest challenge with online schooling is managing their time and staying focused with other demands that life may bring.

Here are a few ways that moms have advantages to online college according to Jennifer Applin (You can view her full article over on

The Natural Skills and Talents of a Mom

  • Moms excel at organization– Just like I said earlier moms have organizational skills and are able to multi-task.  This makes it beneficial towards online learning.
  • Mom’s master the skills of Problem-solving- Moms seem to respond to any situation whether negative or positive.  Moms just naturally tend to work out any problems that me be arising.  Online college can require kind of the same ideas when it comes to research and studying.
  • Moms see the big picture and pay attention to details– Moms can just stay focused no matter what the situation.  Working towards a degree seems to be easy for moms because they are determined to reach their goals.
  • Moms are used to working day and night– Boy isn’t this the truth.  A mom’s job is never done, it’s a 24/7 kind of thing.  When it’s time to relax, this can help mom excel in her assignments.
  • Moms know that dreams can come true-Just like a child that has dreams of becoming something when they grow up; many moms have dreams of earning their college degree to fulfill their life dreams.
  • Moms can proficiently multitask– This talent definitely helps with online college responsibilities such as studying, assignments, projects, papers, etc.
  • Moms have great communication skills– When it comes to mothering children you kind of need these skills for successful parenting.  Moms can use their communication skills effectively in the classroom or even on online forums.
  • Moms take responsibilities seriously– Moms tend to take every responsibility in life seriously.  From raising their kids to house work.  This also can reign true with keeping up with their online education.
  • Moms are naturally quick learners– Because of this natural ability; this can definitely help with studying for tests, etc.
  • Moms understand delayed rewards-Moms understand that even though they don’t see the prize now, it will be worth all the hard work in the end.

How about you, do you think online college is the best idea for moms because of their busy lives and schedules?  Are you a working mom or stay at home mom currently earning your degree online?  I would love to hear from you.

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