Graduating from CollegeIf you are a mom trying to talk yourself into returning to school or wanting to enter those college doors for the very first time, don’t stop trying to convince yourself.  Being able to graduate from college is such a tremendous opportunity which reaps so many rewards and benefits.  If you need extra convincing, here are ten reasons why you as a mom should graduate from college:

Top 10 Reasons to Graduate from College

  1. A raise in your paycheck– That is a definite perk. You can read my previous post on job earnings here on
  2. The more you know, the happier you are– All the knowledge obtained is admired.  College gives you the sense of accomplishment and removes any risks of regrets if you had decided not to graduate from college.
  3. Networking– Okay, so many of us know how popular networking has become and this can potentially help you find the right job after you graduate.
  4. A college degree opens up job opportunities– As you may have already noticed; many job descriptions in the classifieds require some sort of degree.  You want to be able to apply for a position in your field with a sense of pride and confidence.
  5. College reinforces a mother’s discipline– Since a mom already knows how to multitask, etc. graduating from college then finding the right job will be easier to manage in the long run.
  6. Expand your mind– College will not only expand your mind with intelligence, you will be able to socialize in very intellectual conversations.  Many people refrain from these social settings because they never know what to talk about. (To prevent any confusion, I am not saying that not going to college makes you less smarter than those who do attend college). Far from the truth!  There are many individuals who gain their knowledge just from reading and studying without being in college.  Though, college does help a great deal!
  7. Stronger writing skills– College essays and college papers help increase your writing skills which is beneficial on the job, especially if you take up freelance writing work.
  8. Be more qualified in your field of work– Obviously if you are training to be a nurse or doctor, you need to obtain the skills and education necessary to make it possible.
  9. Improve confidence in yourself– College will indeed shape you and make you a better person so that you may venture out into your new career with confidence.
  10. Create memories that will last a lifetime– Not only will college give you greater knowledge, you will always be proud and remember you took those steps to better yourself with education allowing you to further your career.

You can check out more reasons to graduate from college on  This is a very impressive list and should motivate you as a mom still contemplating the thought of college.  It is never too late to live out your dreams.  If you never do it then you will end up living in regrets.

How can you get started on the path to graduate from college?  Here is a brief list of tips that may help you get organized:

Getting Started

  • Do a personal assessment examining your education options and career goals.
  • Get personality and career counseling
  • Browse articles on returning to school and join discussion forums.
  • Explore financial aid options you may be qualified for.
  • Choose a major and a minor if applicable.
  • Apply to the college of your choice and go through the admissions process.

How about you, are you ready to take the steps necessary for you to graduate from college?  Maybe you as a mom have already graduated college; we would love to read any tips and advice you may have to share.

FYI:Check out an article on life after college graduation on

Get your bachelor’s degree, it will come back to you in higher earnings and more job opportunities for the rest of your life!

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