If we lived in a perfect world a mom could live it up after college graduation by:

  • Taking a tropical vacation with a close group of friends.
  • Going backpacking in Europe with your best friend.
  • Going on a cross-country road trip.
  • Taking the summer off to just relax and travel.
  • Going on a cruise
  • Staying at a resort
  • Taking time off of your job and just do nothing as a reward.

These sound  fabulous don’t they?  Obviously, in a mom’s world this is just a far fetched dream that could have been reality before becoming a mom but it’s definitely not in the cards for now.

Since you did graduate from college or you are about to, you still need to reward yourself.  Don’t worry, you can do this within reason and budget.  Here are top ten things a mom can do after graduating from college:

Top Ten Post Graduation Fun

  1. A visit to the spa including a manicure and a pedicure.  After all, a mom deserves much pampering.
  2. A trip to the mall for a couple new outfits.  Celebrate with some new clothes, you know you deserve it.
  3. A complete makeover.  After striving to meet all your goals, you may feel worn down and tired.  A makeover can make you feel like a new you.
  4. An overnight or weekend stay at a fun local B&B.  Invite a close friend or your spouse to enjoy a weekend of R&R.
  5. Treat yourself to a dinner and a movie of your choice,  even if it’s take out and your favorite chick flick.  Eat what you like and watch what you like.
  6. Go to a dinner or dessert theatre.  This is a great opportunity for you and your friends to have a fun girl’s night out. 
  7. Bubble bath, champagne, and chocolates.  This may sound so very basic but it’s just what the doctor ordered when it comes to “me” time.  Go ahead and treat yourself to these three treats.  It’s okay once in a while!
  8. Go bowling, biking, or hiking.  If you are an active individual, you may love participating in these activities and they may refresh you.
  9. Throw yourself a party. Check out my recent post on graduation party themes here on classesandcareers.com.  Parties are fun, you know you want one.
  10. Have a game night with good food.  This may be the most basic of the ten, but what better to fellowship with your friends and family while playing games and eating amazing foods.

You can check out more fun things for moms to do on associatedcontent.com.

Do one of these sound good to you?   Maybe all of them do.  Whatever you fancy, go for it!   Maybe you are a mom that has graduated in times past?  How did you celebrate?  Was it something on the list or something completely different but within a budget?  We would love to read any new and creative ideas.

FYI: Check out how to organize a mom’s night out if you just want to celebrate with friends on eHow.com.

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