Believe it or not, some states pay better than others when it comes to the college degree you possess especially if you are a woman.   Check out the list of states and pay on (Please feel free to check out the list now as I will be revisiting it later in the post).

According to the AAUW (American Association of University Women) on, women with degrees are receiving unfair pay.  In honor of “Equal Pay Day” on April 12, 2011, local students, working mothers, and retirees performed one of those infamous flash mobs in Washington D.C. in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  Click on the YouTube video link below to view the flash mob.

AAUW \”Equal Pay\” Flash Mob

There are many individuals that would beg to differ this protest as you can see the amount of dislikes outweigh the likes on the video itself.  Everyone is most definitely entitled to an opinion but any working mother that possesses a college degree should be given fair pay, wouldn’t you agree?  Sure, this should apply to anyone male or female but since I am focusing on moms in school and college mom graduates lets just take a look at the states that are paying well for women with college degrees:

Best Paying States for Women

Though I don’t know what year these findings were conducted, this can still give you an idea of what state paid what for women with a college degree.

  1. The District of Columbia ranked first annual earnings being: $60, 251.
  2. Ohio ranked at the bottom of the list earnings being: $45,870.

Here are the rest of the States falling in between District of Columbia and Ohio:

  1. Maryland ($52,758)
  2. New Jersey ($52,061)
  3. Connecticut ($51,649)
  4. California ($51,112)
  5. New York ($50,219)
  6. Michigan ($49,058)
  7. Massachusetts ($48,162)
  8. Alaska ($48,043)
  9. Virginia ($47,387)
  10. Pennsylvania ($47,057)
  11. Rhode Island ($47,021)
  12. Minnesota ($46,999)
  13. Washington ($46,301)

As you can see the average earnings teeter over and between $47,000 and $52,000.  These numbers are decent. Obviously, the District of Columbia was or is the place to search for jobs as long as you possess a college degree.

Out of curiosity, would you as a mom take a job offer from another state if the job paid far better than a similar job in your current state?   I know this solely depends on your current marital status but I am just curious of who would take that gigantic leap forward if given that opportunity.  Please feel free to share with us.

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FYI: Check out this clip about women fighting for equal pay on

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  • Fair pay for everyone! I’ll definitely encourage women to go for best paying states to cover costs at home and in the universities. College degree can really say a lot of things about your future job and earnings.

    Liz De Ocampo – “Freelance Writer for

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