Mothers Day will be next Sunday and it’s the day we honor our mothers for their love, nurturing and the sacrifices they make to help us have a happy, healthy and successful life. Mothers of the college-bound go above and beyond by providing their kids with encouragement, help and financial support throughout the college admissions process. Those moms need some tender love and care once their kids head off to college. Mothers Day is the perfect time to pamper those empty nest moms.

It’s all about redecorating

You may not want this to happen, but your college departure ushers in the possibility of redecorating your room. As a sign that you embrace this change, get your Mom a book on interior design or home renovation. Encourage her to turn that room into a reading retreat, an exercise room, or a home office, encouraging her to start that business she has put on hold for the last 18 years.

Rekindling the romance

Let’s face it–kids put a damper on romance. Now is the perfect time to help your parental units rekindle the romance by encouraging them to spend some time together. Send them on a weekend getaway, pay for a date night (dinner and the movies), or offer to babysit your younger siblings while they spend some time alone.

Sporting her proudness

There is nothing prouder than a mom of a college student. One of the best gifts you can give her is a shirt with your college logo on it. When my daughter was in college, I had a sweatshirt that said, “Bentley College Mom”. I wore it with great pride. Use Mothers Day to give her that special gift and show her you recognize her part in your success.

Get her up to speed with technology

It goes without saying that your mom will miss you when you are off living the college life. You can lessen that feeling of loneliness and loss by getting her up to speed with technology. Phones that share pictures, are text enabled and allow you to download apps like Facebook and Twitter can help her stay in touch. If she is not yet computer savvy, give a gift of your time and help her learn how to use those applications like Skype that will keep her connected while you are gone.

Help her with the transition

It’s going to be a difficult transition for her. Consider giving her a book that will help her understand her feelings. You can also show her how to connect with other parents  who have college students by helping her find college parent sites. There are numerous blogs and forums available where parents can post questions and share their experiences.

Relaxing and rejuvenating

What mom wouldn’t like a time to relax and rejuvenate? She’s worked hard, often giving up “me” time to concentrate on parenting and helping you achieve your educational goals.

Going back to college

Many moms have put aside college to raise a family. Now that you are headed off to school, your mom might start thinking about going back to college. If that’s ever been discussed, look for some books on the subject that will help her make that decision.

Time for an adventure

Do you wonder if your mom has ever wanted to take a balloon ride or parachute from a plane? Has she ever expressed an interest in learning to ride a motorcycle or hike the Appalachian trail? If so, you can encourage her dreams on Mothers Day. Make her a “dream” board to get her started with the dream process.

College is an adventure for you, but can also be an adventure for your mom. Make Mothers Day special this year by letting her know how much you appreciate her contribution to your future and the sacrifices she made along the way.

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  • My mother is a very charitable person so i decided to make a donation to Smile Train this year in her honor. Smile Train Is All About Outcomes so it’s easy to see why i picked this amazing charity. Helping children with oral cleft problems from all over the world is a good cause!

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