Moms seem to have the magical ability to do fifty things at once while remaining calm and keeping a smile on their face. The truth is, Moms are under a lot of stress. Moms going to college are under even more stress. Mothers continuing an education set a good example for their children, and for other working Moms who think they are stuck in a dead end job. This Mother’s Day, show your graduating Mom how proud of her you are with a gift she can use in her new career.

  • Mentor
  • A mentor. A job mentor is a specialist that works one on one with their clients to help them reach their career goals. Mentors teach interview techniques, resume critiquing, and other basics necessary for landing a job in today’s tough market. A mentor also acts like a coach: pushing their job seeker to work harder and harder, and then cheering them on when they land a job.

  • Resort or Spa
  • A weekend away at a resort spa. Show Mom you recognize how hard she has been working by giving her a break. Pick a spa that offers massage, facials, and total pampering. When you book the room, see if you can arrange to pay for your Mom’s food and drink bills. Resist all temptation to call her up while she is catching up on some much needed rest.

  • Gift Certificate
  • A gift certificate for clothing and makeup. Graduating Moms need career wardrobes. A good basic wardrobe will include pants, jackets, shirts (and maybe skirts). Also included are shoes, makeup and accessories. Don’t make the mistake of trying to buy your Mom’s clothing yourself. Instead, buy a certificate to her favorite department store or mall.
    A gift certificate to her favorite office supply store. Again, the rule is to not attempt to pick out these items yourself. It is more fun for Mom to go shopping for her own things, and you don’t have to worry about her not liking what you brought her.

  • Professional Resume Writer
  • A professional resume writer. Your Mom will now be in the market for a new job. In today’s tough job market, graduating Mom’s need all the help they can get. A professionally written resume will give your Mom that much needed edge over the competition.

  • Donation
  • A donation to her favorite charity. Show your Mom how much you respect her values by giving a donation to her favorite charity (in her name, of course). Not sure about what charity to give to? You can also make a donation to her college or university.

  • Framed Diploma
  • Have her diploma professionally framed. A framed diploma will allow your Mom to show off her accomplishments in an elegant manner. Professional framers are not hard to find. Look in your phone book. Most large hobby stores also have professional framing services.

  • Gift Basket
  • A gift basket filled with necessities. This can include almost anything: makeup, pens, address book, perfume, toiletries, photos.

  • Engraving
  • Something engraved. Give her a gift of silver or gold that has been engraved. The engraving can be a message of well wishes, the year she graduated, etc. What you have engraved can be a piece of jewelry, a photo frame, or an ornament of some type.

  • Handmade Gift
  • Short on cash? Give her something handmade. Mom’s tend to be sentimental and a homemade gift is guaranteed to please. Homemade gifts can be simple or extravagant. If your Mom like’s flowers you can simply plant her a garden. Finished photo albums are always popular. Other ideas: a flowered wreath, jewelry, or hand stitched clothing.

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