Mothers DayMother’s Day is a very special time of year for those of us who still have mothers in our lives.  What about those who no longer have their mother with them?  I am sure and can imagine that this particular day alone is hard since it’s only a painful reminder.  I know that this is not a popular or typical post, but the truth and reality is there are so many that will be missing their moms this Mother’s Day.  If this is you, I especially dedicate this post to you.

It’s easy for the rest of us to shower our mothers with gifts and love but those without their precious mothers are only left with those memories.  If you are someone without a mom this year just know that you can still honor your mother on this day.   I understand it will not be with hugs and kisses that you so whole heartedly miss but you can still show your love and appreciation.  This may help you cope a little bit easier.

10 ways to honor a mother departed

  1. Purchase a Mother’s Day balloon– You can attach a note or whatever you desire and have a balloon release.  You can even get friends and family involved.  It’s an excellent way to remember the mother in your life.  I do this as a mom who has lost a son and it means so much to me on this day.
  2. Make a stepping stone garden or some sort of memorial garden in loving memory of your mother.
  3. Purchase or make a special necklace or bracelet with your mother’s birthstone or some sort of charm.  Something that would remind you of your mother on this day.  Again, I wear a birthstone in the shape of a little boy on Mother’s Day.  This is very helpful and helps me cope since I am a mom missing a child on Mother’s Day.
  4. Have a Mother’s Day dinner in honor of the mother departed.  Maybe choose to make her favorite meal if it is not too painful for you and your family.
  5. Make a scrapbook or some sort of picture album to remember and honor your mother by.  This may take a few Mother’s Days to do this since it can become a painful memory, especially if it involves pictures.
  6. Write a poem.  Or, if you are not the poetic type, write a letter and express how much you miss your mother.  Even though she isn’t here to hear it, still read it aloud as though she is in the room. It may sound crazy but it’s an avenue of healing for yourself, especially on Mother’s Day.
  7. Donate to a charitable cause– If there is a charity that reminds you of your mother; consider volunteering your time in honor and in memory.
  8. Buy your mother’s favorite bouquet of flowers and place them on her grave site.  Again, only do this if you are ready.
  9. Light a candle on Mother’s Day in memory of your mother that you miss so dearly.
  10. Decorate a T-Shirt saying: “Happy Mother’s Day to a mom I miss very much” R.I.P.

I hope that this list brings you a sense of peace and comfort during this difficult time of year.  I hope you are able to do at least one or more of these things to help you cope another Mother’s Day.

If you are someone who has lost a mother, we are so very sorry for your loss during this difficult time.  Do you do anything to remember your mother that was not mentioned on the list above?  If you are comfortable with sharing, we would love to hear from you.

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