Two new higher education course products have been released by ALEKS Corporation, a major provider of web-based mathematics courses for higher education.

Developed by  scientists, mathematicians, and software engineers at the University of California, Irvine, the new ALEKS courses, Florida Math 0018 and Florida Math 0028, will completely cover the new competencies for Florida’s developmental education requirements.

Courses and topics

The lower level course, Florida Math 0018, covers curriculum including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, measurement, polynomials, geometry and signed numbers, while the upper level course, Florida Math 0028, covers real numbers and variables, linear equations, functions, lines, integer exponents, rational expressions, radicals, complex numbers, proportions, rational exponents and quadratic equations.

Such course topics will aid in the effort to standardize Florida’s education system.

Offering students a solution for gaining an education in a personalized and low-cost fashion, Florida Math 0018 and Florida Math 0028 have been made with the intention of providing course mastery.


QuickTables, an option available in both of the new mathematics courses, is another tool that enhances students’ ability to retain course information. The ALEKS add-on to the course is a mastery program that includes an interactive method of learning multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Though these skills are basic level, they are sometimes necessary for helping even higher education-level students master the course material in their courses, as many students have skimped by without learning the basic

The research-based online program is able to meet the individual needs by targeting areas of concern for the students with an artificial intelligence system. The courses assess student learning and progress with adaptive material.

These ALEKS courses not only include resources for learning the competency requirements, but are enhanced with course management tools like an online gradebook, calendar, and a variety of assignments, including homework, assessments, quizzes and tests with open-response rather than multiple-choice questions.


“At ALEKS, we develop unique learning solutions that ensure student competence in essential course material,” ALEKS Corporation president Wil Lampros said in a press release. “These new course products cover 100% of the new Florida statewide developmental education mathematics competencies, providing an affordable and personalized path for students to acquire the necessary background knowledge for college-level course work and facilitating full in-state transferability of students.”

Known to increase student proficiency and learning in mathematics while reducing work and office time for instructors, the ALEKS courses meet the needs of students in a way similar to a human tutor.

According to a recent press release, case studies show the ALEKS programs have increased pass rates by more than 20 percentage points in comparison to other online homework systems, and by more than 30 percentage points in comparison to using a textbook exclusively.

The courses have also been proven to increase student retention of material, as the program assesses students’ readiness to receive information and only teaches new principals when the student is prepared.

More than 50 subjects of ALEKS courses have been used by millions of students at various schools and institutions worldwide.

Individual ALEKS subscriptions can be purchased online at the individual rate of $19.95 per month. Family and classroom discounts are available through the ALEKS Web site.

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