Attending to their childrens’ every needs, doing household work, joining the PTA, moms have a tough gig as it is. But, women’s college enrollment has increased from about 6 million to 11 million since 1980, and those numbers include many mothers trying to balance earning a degree along with their everything else they’ve got on their already-full plate.

Though we have one day a year to specifically honor those hardworking mother’s, this year, StraighterLine company is going the extra mile to honor mom’s who are hitting the books on their own, the homefront with their family and hitting the playground with their kids.

Working Mother’s Scholarship

Beginning on Mother’s Day, May 8, StraighterLine is offering a scholarship for working mothers. The scholarship is specifically meant for working moms who want to go back to school, with the intention of cutting some of the costs of education.

Online Classes

The scholarship is intended for online college courses, since the convenience and flexibility of online classes are most ideal for working mothers.

“Completing college is hard for anyone” Burck Smith, CEO and founder of StraighterLine, said in a press release. “But moms have crazy schedules plus kids to provide for. StraighterLine offers a low-risk, convenient way to get a college degree.”

A leading company in making college education more affordable, StraighterLine offers up to 90 percent savings with their online programs. Charging a single fee of $999 for up to 10 online Straighterline courses, students can save up to 90 percent on tuition.

According to StraighterLine’s Web site, the company decided to offer a special scholarship for working mothers because of changing times and opportunities for women.

Several factors make earning a degree an ideal but difficult-t0-attain goal for women.

Today, many women make up more than 74 percent of the current workforce. More than 70 percent of women with an associate or bachelor’s degree are employed, whereas the unemployment rate for women with only a high school diploma is twice the rate of those women with a college education.

Hence, StraighterLine wants to provide opportunities for those already-working mothers to have more opportunities for advancement in the workplace, since a bachelor’s degree can greatly increase income and  job placement status.

As modern women are often expected to help provide for the family’s financial needs as well as continue to fulfill traditional obligations of nurturing the family, StraighterLine sees the need to step in and aid in the cost of higher education.

How to apply

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must submit an essay with a a minimum of  200 words that explains their reasons for going back to school, and what the opportunity will do for their family.

Additionally, mother’s should include a 20-word description of their current full-time job in the application. (Stay-at-home mothers count as working moms!)

The winner of the StraighterLine scholarship will receive a free freshman year of 10 StraighterLine courses, and 3 runners-up will receive free StraighterLine enrollment for one month and choose one free course from the Web site’s 23 entry-level course selection.

Applications may be filled out by family members on behalf of their wife, mother or daughter. For more application information, visit

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