Mother's Day WishesAs one  final tribute to Mother’s Day 2011, I thought it would be fun to list at least 11 wishes of a mother this Mother’s Day.  Okay moms you know that you have at least one wish you would like to see come true this Mother’s Day.  I am not alone in this am I?  I am betting probably not but see if you can relate to any of these wishes.  Some of them are my own and the others are from every day mothers just like you.  Keep in mind some are realistic but others, well yeah a mother can only dream.

11 Wishes of a Mother

  1. “To be able to read a good book without screaming, fighting, and whining.”  You know what I am talking about. You get to a really good part in the book and all of a sudden you get distracted with the sounds of your children.
  2. “To be able to eat chocolate every single day without it affecting my waistline.”  Oh yes, as a major fan of chocolate wouldn’t be great to eat more than a serving and not gain any weight whatsoever?
  3. “For my children to always say “yes momma” when I ask them to do something.”  Wouldn’t that be heaven to always have a child be willing to do everything you ask of them and without complaining or rolling their eyes?
  4. “To take a nice long hot shower without having to leave the door open or worrying that a child is going to peek through the curtain.”  Moms of very young children can probably relate to this one very well.  You want to get a shower but you want your children to be safe and you want to know what they are up to.  So the bathroom door stays open and you put the shower head on the lightest possible setting just so you can hear everything your children do.  Or how about this one, after you have shampoo all lathered through your hair you hear a loud BANG and have to turn off the shower, throw your robe on, and run to find out what happened all the while the shampoo is running down your face and burning your eyes!  Ever had that happen?
  5. “That my children would always clean up after themselves and the house would always be clean.”   I know that this one is just a dream but wouldn’t it be great if this could come true at least one day?  Mother’s Day at least, right?
  6. “That the laundry would fold itself.” At one push of a button our laundry would fold itself!  Wouldn’t that be fantastic?  Or maybe a robot can do it all!  Wow, living in a dream world aren’t we?
  7. “To be able to ditch the pony tail and sweatpants and look like a supermodel every day.” Moms every so often have to sacrifice their looks.  Wouldn’t it be great to have the time to do our hair and makeup and wear our favorite jeans every single day?
  8. “To have a date night once a week with my hubby.”  I would love for this to be reality once a week.  My hubby and I are lucky if we get a date every three months or so.  Our schedules don’t currently allow us to have a date night once a week.  Who out there is allowed this luxury?
  9. “To be a stay at home mom.”  I know of quite a few moms out there that are aching to be home with their kids but just can’t due to finances, etc.  But then there are moms out there that would rather work.  Check out the article Stay at Home Moms Vs Working Moms on
  10. “To graduate from college.”  It’s never too late and I think this wish can most definitely come true.  Check out our list of online schools here on
  11. “To have more patience for my children.”  It’s so easy to lose that patience by the end of the day.  But I think this is normal.

Well, what do you think?   Some are pretty funny and far fetched but others are really from the heart.  I hope to see some of my wishes come true in the very near future, well at least the realistic ones.

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