mother and childWorking women have come a long way from the days of when my mother was young. An orphan, my mother only went to school until the 4th grade. She can read and do basic math, but she was denied the full education that women today are entitled to. Once she reached the 4th grade, she was put to work in a chicken slaughter house. Her job was to pluck the feathers off of dead chickens. When she reached adult hood, she left her foster home and went to live with a blood relative. This relative owned a bar and my mom worked there as a waitress. It was here that she met my dad. The two got married and, as was the custom of the day, my mother quit work and became a full time housewife. If she had any desire to be her own independent women she never let on. I am sure that she had dreams as a child; dreams that were denied her because of the circumstance and the time in which she grew up.
Of course, things are much different now. I have had two careers. The first, working as an administrative assistant, left me wanting more. I decided to go back to college and work towards my dream of being a published author. College has given me the tools I need to accomplish my dream. My very first attempt at being published was a success. I have met many interesting people and my recent job as a freelancer for an entertainment lifestyle magazine has been amazing. I can now say proudly that I own my own business and have achieved a great deal of success.
This Mother’s Day, I want my mom to know how much I love and appreciate her. It is my hope that she looks at me and sees that her little girl has grown into a woman with confidence, intellect and grace. I want her to know that I understand the sacrifices she has made for me. If I could have a wish fulfilled, it would be that my Mom could go back in time and have some of her wishes come true.

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