If you answered yes but don’t know exactly what field you would like to pursue, let this list help you in making your decision.  I have included the estimated salary per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics  as an extra dose of motivation.  Don’t be intimated by this upcoming list, if you want to pursue a degree in a particular field because you think you would be great at it, then I say go for it.  Like I have said in posts past you will never know unless you give it a try.

10 careers with online degrees

  1. Have you ever considered Web Design?  Web designers tend to get a decent pay in the upper pay scale starting at $76,450. a year. 
  2. Registered Nurse– You may be thinking to yourself that this career field is becoming the popular choice, mainly among moms.  Why?  Check out the estimated pay scale: $93,700 a year.  Definitely not too shabby.  I have a few friends who are registered nurses and they say that all the hard work truly pays off in the end.  You can certainly see evidence of this statement in the numbers.
  3. Massage Therapist-Many moms consider this line of work because you can do it in your home if you so choose.  The pay scale isn’t as high as a Web Designer or Registered Nurse but it certainly is a successful pay: $68.670.
  4. Network Administrator– Believe it or not Network Administration is a very successful line of work.  How successful? Around $105,970 a year.  Now I say that is successful.
  5. Software Developer– What exactly is a Software Developer?  Someone in this field of work has a broader sense of computer programming, etc.  The yearly income for this career: $113,380.
  6. Certified Public Accountant– This line of work a year is definitely not something to overlook, especially if you are good with numbers.  The yearly income for this career field:$104,450
  7. Special Education Teacher– If you have a passion for children, especially with special needs, this career is definitely for you.  The pay scale is higher than a regular teacher, the yearly pay: $79,850.
  8. Environmental Engineer– If you really want to climb up the ladder, environmental engineering is something to consider especially if you are environmentally minded.  Yearly pay:$115,750
  9. Criminal Investigator– Though being a criminal investigator is less pay than I thought it would be, the yearly pay still isn’t too shabby: $99,980.
  10. Forensic Psychologist– For the highest paid field to pursue a career in this one takes the cake.  Forensic Psychologists make around $117,470 a year.

Out of all of these 10 listed, which one stood out to you the most as something you could definitely do?  Don’t look at the salary but the job title.  Only you know what your talents and qualities are.  With that you can apply it to any one of these jobs. 

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