For the 34th consecutive year, the United Association for Labor Education is offering free summer education to working women whom belong to unions.

The courses are tailored to meet the needs and interests of blue collar working women. The school is based on the women’s movement schools of the 1920’s. The first school was held in 1975. The schools focus on educating women about the labor movement. Women were taught the skills needed to play leadership roles in the union work force. It has as its’ focus an opportunity for women to network and build support systems.

School Location

The location of the schools rotate every year because they are hosted by university labor education programs. The women become engaged in local labor struggles as well as learning about the labor struggles of women in developing countries. Each year, a representative from a developing country attends and leads seminars and workshops in an effort to educate and engage women on issues faced in their country of origin.
The Northwest Women’s School is being hosted by the State University of New Jersey’s School of Management and Labor Relations. Instructors are being provided by Rutgers and include: Donna Schulman, Tracy Chang and Laura Walkoviak. The school runs from July 17 to July 22. Scholarships are available. To find out more information, go to

Midwest School for Women

The Midwest School for Women Workers is being hosted by Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and runs from July 28 – July 31. The presenter is Gayle Hamilton of Wayne State University.
The Western Regional Summer Institute for Union Women is being held at the University of Hawaii. The coordinator is Adrienne Valdez. This event runs June 16 – June 20th. Find out more information

Southern School for Union Women

The Southern School for Union Women is taking place in Parish, Florida (just outside of Petersburg) at the DaySpring Conference Center. The coordinator is Dawn Addy. The dates for this event are August 3 through August 7.
To find out more about the United Association of Labor Women, visit the

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