Earn extra moneyWhatever the situation,  moms are always trying to find a way to make that extra money, right?  Whether you already have a steady job or you are a stay at home mom looking  to add to the primary income, there are a variety of ways you can earn extra money to start paying off student loans, etc.   I recently talked about ways you can start home businesses and find work from home jobs right here on classesandcareers.com.  This list will be slightly different as they are smaller yet fun and creative ways you can earn that extra money.

12 tips for earning extra money

Thank you to Ben Edwards over at moneysmartlife.com for sharing some of these ideas with us.  Some of these ideas are shared ideas and others are my own personal experiences.  Which one of these do you see yourself doing?  If you are the ambitious type, maybe try them all over the summer months and beyond.

  1. Sell your personal photos online!  Yes, you can do this.  If you have a digital camera you can easily sell your stock photos.  Dreamstime is an excellent site to sell your photos.
  2. Tutoring is always a rewarding experience.  Whatever your expertise, you can advertise in your local newspaper your services or even offer tutoring services online.
  3. Giving Blood.  This may not be the first choice for many individuals, especially if you have a weak stomach, but it’s definitely worth donating plasma.  Some places offer you between $30-$45 per donation which is typically once a month.
  4. Do you possibly have unclaimed money? Check out your state database to see if you are owed any money.
  5. This one is usually a mom favorite for getting that little extra cash; recycling your cans and bottles at the local grocery store.
  6. Offer DIY services, especially if you are talented in certain areas.  Maybe you like wedding and baby showers, sell your services as a coordinator or decorator.
  7. Sell used or new items on eBay or Craigslist.  This is beneficial especially if you have baby clothes, kid’s toys, etc.  People are always searching and buying for those items.  You can make some decent cash in this area depending how much you have to sell and how well the auction does.
  8. Be a paper boy! Okay, paper girl/woman? LOL, you know what I mean but you can definitely earn some extra cash delivering your city’s newspaper.
  9. Do a family/friend car wash.  This is an easy yet fun way to earn extra cash especially in the summer months.  Be sure to check into permits etc. that you may need to obtain before offering this service.
  10. Garage sale time! This one is my favorite for the months ahead as we will be hosting our own hopefully by the end of summer.  Again, it’s important to get the proper authorization/permit to move forward with this idea.  You can earn some serious money depending how well your garage sale is advertised and how much you sell.
  11. Sell T-Shirts on Zazzle.  I have tried this a couple times but I have learned you need to really get the word out to make it successful.  If this is something that is up your alley, give it a shot.
  12. Do you play an instrument? Offer to give lessons to neighborhood kids etc.  If you possess a music certification or degree you can set a price per month per lessons and wrack up nice profits there.  The key to this endeavor is word of mouth, networking, and advertising.

Have you tried any of the ideas mentioned above?  Maybe you have earned money another way.  Please share with us your experiences on making extra money after college graduation.

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