Local farm co-ops offer up a wonderful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Buying locally grown produce is both economically sound (because you are supporting your local economy) but it is much healthier in the long run. Why? Because local produce is usually much more organic in nature. Local farms, on the average, use less pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. One great way for college students to support local farms, and earn some extra cash, is to work for local co-ops. Education majors can even get in some extra credits and/or experience by volunteering to work for a farm educational program.


Local farms often work with local schools to offer up educational programs for youngsters. These programs usually include field trips to farms to learn about plant life, farm animals , and sustainable living. Of course, in the fall there are those wonderful field trips to the pumpkin patch which most of us remember so fondly from our own childhoods. College students working towards their degrees in education can take advantage of local farm programs as a way to earn some experience and maybe even some extra credit. How? Volunteer to work with a farm as a tour guide to school children. One great idea for arts majors is to offer up creative workshops for school groups, using items found on the farm.
Learn more about these types of opportunities at: communityfarms.org.


College students can earn some extra money this summer by working for a local farm or co-op. Available jobs include picking produce, working at the farm store, or working at their local farmer markets. Some area co-ops even offer jobs as community organizers. A job as a community organizer entails taking orders from their neighbors, picking up ordered produce from their co-op, and then delivering the produce to the consumer. Learn more about community organizers by visiting: thefarmtable.net.


Agricultural students will love The Farm School. Here, students spend time on an actual farm doing actual work while earning college credit and experience. The Farm School offers hands on learning activities that teach everything from plowing the land to business administration. Students are encouraged to make a one year commitment and be willing to do every aspect of farming.
Want to know more? Following this link: www.farmschool.org

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