Rapid Expansion

Northcentral University announced the expansion of it’s Scottsdale, AZ campus today, the second expansion in less than one year.

The global leader in all-online education, the university opened its original campus in Scottsdale in June 2010. The enrollment center was meant to house counselors with room for future hiring, but rapid growth has necessitated an addition to the enrollment center.

“When we opened the Scottsdale enrollment center in June 2010 we thought we had enough space to accommodate our growth, which was projected to include a staff of between 60 to 100 counselors,” Northcentral University chief marketing officer Ron Hendricks said in a press release.  “The reality is that our rate of growth is far surpassing our initial projections and we expect to employ over 250 people here in Scottsdale by the end of 2012.  The majority of the positions will be for admission, enrollment and tuition planners.”

The new 55,000 square-foot location will be built at 8667 East Hartford Drive in Scottsdale, as a place to hold about 130 enrollment advisers, tuition planners, and other support departments.

Founded by Dr. Donald Hecht in 1996, Northcentral University  has pioneered online undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education, using online education paired with faculty mentoring.

Dr. Hecht, who received his doctoral and master’s degrees from a traditional, local university, saw a need for change in the traditional education model, and made that change when he founded the university.

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A singular devotion to innovation

According to Northcentral’s Web site, the university has been successful because of “a singular devotion to innovation” that has provided a bright future for many.

Though many higher education institutions use a blend of online learning and classroom instruction, Northcentral University is completely online. The institution is able to achieve such success by using a faculty mentoring approach.

The university is able to have a successful online-only presence by specially training all faculty members to work in online environments, providing individual support to students through online bulletin boards that serve as a form of communication between students and teachers, student chat rooms that allow for topic-related discussion and email between professors and fellow students.

Reason for success

With just 5,000 students enrolled in the university three years ago, the combination of low-cost and flexible learning has caught on quickly, and the university now serves almost 10,000 students around the globe, granting degrees in business, technology management, education and behavioral and health sciences.

The majority of Northcentral University’s student base is working professionals enrolled in master’s or doctoral degree programs, and doctor of business administration programs are offered in more than 18 areas of study, more than any other university in the country.

On their Web site, Northcentral University makes a case for online learning, telling interested candidates that online education fosters the principle of “learning by doing.” Additionally, online learners receive higher scores on tests and can work during unconventional study hours, according to the Web site.

Northcentral University has also expanded and received recognition in other areas: the California Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) approved its Marriage and Family Therapy master’s degree program and the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) approved it’s doctoral MFT supervision methods course in March 2011. These approvals made Northcentral the first university outside of California to meet the BBS standards.


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