EntrepreneursAre you aching to start a business?  Maybe it’s time to consider an online degree in entrepreneurship to help get you grounded and knowledgeable of this risk-taking field.

There are specific programs designed just for the entrepreneur at heart.  From Certificate programs to Masters Programs, you can become educated and ready to take on your business by storm.

Before you decide on which school to enroll in, what type of entrepreneur are you?  According to the crew over at thenextweb.com, there are 7 types.  See which type you can relate to:

7 Types of Entrepreneurs

  1. Manager Entrepreneur
  2. Set up for failure Entrepreneur
  3. Lifestyle Entrepreneur
  4. Cash-Flow Entrepreneur
  5. The Wannabe Entrepreneur
  6. Headlines Entrepreneur
  7. The better world entrepreneur

These 7 types are not what you were expecting right?  This list is to see if you are truly ready for this type of field or if this is just a pipe dream.  Only you truly know the answer to this question.   Now that you know if entrepreneurship is for you, let’s take a look at the types of degrees available to help you get on the entrepreneur bandwagon:

Types of Entrepreneurship degrees/certificates

  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration-Entrepreneurship
  • MBA/Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate Certificate-Entrepreneurship
  • Doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management
  • D.B.A in Entrepreneurship

Online Schools offering Entrepreneurship Degrees

What types of courses can an online entrepreneurship student expect to see while studying to obtain such a degree?

Types of Entrepreneur courses

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • In this course students will learn the basics of owning and running their own business.
  • Business plan development for starting a business as well as financing a business.
  • Creating and operating a business
  • Students will learn from the small business community along with other business owners.

Advanced Entrepreneurship

  • Advertising and Marketing your online business.
  • Address all forms of e-commerce issues
  • Financing and managing your business
  • Employment subjects and topics
  • Legal aspects and taxes

Are you ready to get your feet wet and become the entrepreneur you know you are destined to be?  Maybe your feet are already wet and you find yourself fully submersed so you want to tag on another degree to become a more successful businessman or businesswoman. Whatever your situation, in time your business could be worth all of the sacrifices including time and financial investments.

*For complete tips on becoming a succesful entrepreneur, check out 10 secrets of successful entrepreneurs on powerhomebiz.com and get free information from Ashford University about their entrepreneurship program.

Are you an entrepreneur in training or a full blown businessperson?  Either category, please share with us your experiences in this field whether it’s your online education or your business as a whole.  Don’t be shy; we would most definitely love to hear from you.  Spread your knowledge with others that are considering this path.

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