Are you considering a degree in very prestigious fields such as Medicine, Dentistry, Law, etc.?  To earn a title in Medicine, etc., you most definitely have to work harder to reach your goals but in the end the paychecks will most definitely be worth it.  Let’s take a look at a few online degrees with a nice monetary value behind them: (These figures are based on the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

The best online money making degrees

  • Medicine: Average Salary: $145,600- I guess after all those years in medical school, this yearly salary is worth the blood, sweat, and tears wouldn’t you say?
  • Dentistry: Average Salary: $132,140-Opportunities in this field are becoming more available.  People need to retire sometime right?
  • Law: Average Salary: $102,470- If you are considering law, your yearly salary is definitely not too shabby.

Next best online degrees for making money

  • Pharmacy: Average Salary: $94,120- I never realized how much a Pharmacist potentially makes in a year.  This is a very nice figure.
  • Physician Assistant: Average Salary: $74,980- Wow!  Have you ever considered becoming a Physician’s Assistant?  I’d say they get paid pretty well.
  • Software Engineering: Average Salary: $79,780-$85,370- This may be the route you want to take if you are minded in this field.
  • Master’s in Business Administration: Average Salary: $63,000-$80,000- If you are business minded, this degree may be what you are looking for, those figures should be a definite encouragement!
  • Education Administration: Average Salary: $77,740-If you possess a degree in education, you may want to take it up a notch and pursue a degree in the administration part of the field.  It’s definitely higher than a standard teaching degree.
  • Construction Management: Average Salary: $73,700- 60 schools have graduate programs in this field.
  • Veterinary Science: Average Salary: $71,990- Do you have a passion for animals especially their health and well being?
  • Finance: Average Salary: $66,210: Are you money minded?  Maybe you should consider an online degree to become a personal advisor.
  • Art Direction: Average Salary: $68,100- Wow, artists can make this much? Really?  I always thought it was a struggle.  I guess if you go this route your yearly income will most definitely be impressive, especially as an artist.
  • Computer Systems Analysis: Average Salary: $69,740-If you love working with computers you can work with companies to fix any issues they may have such as viruses etc.
  • Civil Engineering: Average Salary: $68,600- Want to become an engineer?  Maybe consider mechanical or electrical.
  • Industrial Engineering: Average Salary: $68,620- Believe it or not you can work in hospitals in this field to help streamline.
  • Computer Programming: Average Salary: $65,610- Get your computer programming degree.  If not a degree, consider a certificate in this field.
  • Sales Management: Average Salary: $65,510- If you are a salesperson at heart, a degree in this field is worth it, just look at what your average salary would be.

Are you currently going to school to pursue one of these degrees?  Or,  if you currently possess a degree in one of these fields please share your experiences with us.  Remember, these figures are most likely estimates and can change based on the economy.  Check out an old article “Lousy economy may benefit online education companies” on

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