Getting a college education is now easier than ever. Today’s students have a wide variety of courses and majors to choose from. For the first time ever, students do not have to travel to a campus to get a degree. Online education is now the popular option for most students however, is it really the best option? Many reports have debated this subject with mixed results. Which one is right for you? Read on and find out what is being said.

Campus Education Teaches Social Skills

Jay Liebowitz (author of ‘Teach People Skills Totally Online’) maintains that a strictly online education deprives students of the necessary tools needed to develop social skills. Through social interactions students learn key communication skills such as listening, non-verbal communication, and pragmatic arguing (vs. arguing that has no goal or conclusion).
Students seeking degrees in business administration are especially in need of the opportunity to interact with other students. Social interaction is essential for the development of communication skills needed in the work place. Through group activities and working with a partner, business administration students gain the tools necessary to work together to plan, problem solve and communicate effectively.
Campus students also get the benefit of networking. Friendships and professional relationships forged on campus have high potential for flowing over into the student’s professional careers later in life. This can be in the form of students working together to start small businesses or professors introducing their students to potential employers.
Liebowitz also notes that students are given the opportunity to learn to take direction and constructive criticism by interacting with teachers and peers. Both are essential in the work place.

On Line Students Study Harder

A recent report released from the U.S. Department of Education states that students taking classes online spend more time studying. The increase in study time pays off with students getting better grades.
The report gives several reasons for the increase in study time. The students do not have the distractions that they have when being in a class. Friendships, campus life, etc distract students from the task at hand, whether it be listening to a lecture or reading a text book. Students studying at home online have better concentration and take in more knowledge in a less amount of time.
Online students do not have to travel to and from campus. The time they would spend in transportation is instead used to study. Not having to leave home also provides a quiet atmosphere in which to study. Students study at a time that fits their schedule. This means that when students do study, they are more apt to pay more attention.
Whether a student chooses online or campus is an entirely personal decision. Degrees from both forms of education carry the same amount of weight. Students wanting to interact with their peers will want to take advantage of campus life. Older students or those with jobs may wish to consider the advantages of an online education.


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