online finance degree girl with moneyOnly you can answer this question openly and honestly.  If you love money and are financially minded, this most definitely is something worth looking into.  Upon completion of a degree,  you can apply for excellent jobs in this field.

Types of careers in Finance

  • Financial Analyst– Financial analysts according to the wise geek on, “ are concerned with providing a comprehensive understanding of the financial status of a given investment opportunity.”  Financial analysts can expect to find jobs in banks, investment firms, mutual and pension funds, and insurance companies.
  • Personal Financial Advisor– “Financial advisors develop a game plan for their client that fits their financial circumstance.” (
  • Accountant– According to Lesley Barker on, Accountants “help people to navigate the frequently changing financial investment and tax laws so that they can keep as much of the money they earn as possible.”
  • Auditor- Being an auditor is a vital service.  Auditors basically check financial business records for accuracy.
  • Loan Officer– Loan officer’s help people apply for loans.

3 types of loan officers

  1. Commercial loan officers– Businesses
  2. Mortgage loan officers– Deal with people who want to buy a house or real estate.
  3. Consumer loan officers– Loans for cars

Before you officially decide on whether or not to pursue a degree in finance, (degrees such as: an Associate’s, Bachelors, Master’s, etc.) you may be interested in reviewing some of the reasons why to pursue a degree and then a job in this field:

10 reasons to study Finance

  1. The broad range of job opportunities.
  2. A very bright future for your career.
  3. Compensation is coveted.  Because this field is considered “white collar” you will most likely be paid very well.
  4. A job in finance is very prestigious, not just anyone will get the job.
  5. This field is often challenging. Your responsibilities and performance on the job is crucial to the company you are working for.
  6. Continuing education
  7. A chance to go places and travel.
  8. Very competitive, it’s important to stay on top of your knowledge and skills in the field.
  9. Job opportunities are long term.  You can most likely expect to retire from a job in this field in the future.
  10. Finance is in high demand.

If all of these above reasons are of interest to you, what type of degree in finance would you be interested in studying?  If you are unsure, here is a brief list of the types of degrees in finance:

Types of Finance Degrees

  • Associates in AccountingKaplan University
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in BusinessFinanceUniversity of Phoenix
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Corporate Finance-Jones International University
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)- AIU Online
  • Master of Science in (Specialty) Management-Boston University

*If you are currently going to school for a degree in finance or currently possess a degree in this field, please share your experiences with us.  Any knowledge you have to share regarding finance is greatly appreciated.

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