In an increasingly mobile and global world, the internet is becoming even more important in business and providing information. Web designers are an important piece of this business model, but there will always be amateurs hoping to do it for themselves. Why do web designers need to be trained?

Web design is a complicated process that requires training and skill, as you will see from these 10 common amateur mistakes.

  1. Neglecting SEO
  2. Search engine optimization is key to any highly visible and heavily trafficed website. Using key words in content is the most important aspect of an effective and profitable website.

  3. Not having a call to action
  4. Your visitor should be able to see and act easily on the homepage of your site. If you want them to subscribe, it should be visible. If you want them to download a free Ebook, they should find it easily. This is your chance to get their information and possibly make a sale in the future.

  5. Not paying attention to the visual aspect
  6. Websites that are dark, with small text or an unreadable font, and cluttered with information will cause viewers to leave your site.

  7. Hard to view on a mobile device
  8. Look at your site on a mobile device. If it takes too long to download or is difficult to read, consider creating a site specifically for mobile access. People are viewing more and more sites on their mobile devices.

  9. Too much Flash
  10. Flash increases the load time of the website and might annoy visitors. iPads and iPhones can’t view Flash and a great majority of website viewers use these products. Use it only if it’s necessary and sparingly.

  11. Content is too heavy
  12. Make your posts easy to read and scannable. People who are browsing sites and reading content don’t want to get bogged down in too much text. Use bullets and headings to break it up.

  13. Leaving off contact details
  14. Don’t forget people need to know how to contact you: phone, email, and through social media.

  15. Obvious spelling and grammar mistakes
  16. Glaring spelling and grammar mistakes attack the credibility of the business that the site is promoting. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

  17. No social media buttons
  18. If you want your content to be shared (and you do), you need to provide an easy way for people to share it. Provide those social media buttons in a highly visible place on your site.

  19. Neglecting a blog
  20. Blogs are the best way to provide changing content on your site that will be referenced by the search engines. Blogs give you an opportunity to use your key words and also provide good content to your potential customers.

Can an amateur design a website?

An amateur can set up a site for free using numerous free website creators; but web design is so much more than posting a blog or creating a free site on your own. Creation of a profitable website requires expert knowledge and skill from design, to development, to maintaining SEO (search engine optimization), to programming and scripting. A website without traffic and easy access is like a store without customers. If you want to be a credible web designer and be able to work in the field of web design you need the training and the background required in this field.

Get the right education

If web design interests you or if you want to tackle web design for your small business, you should get the right training. There are many levels of training available online from certification programs to Associates degrees to Bachelors degrees. These credentials will give you the knowledge and skills needed to work as a freelance web designer, create your own website for your small business or work as a web designer for companies with an online presence.

Use the right design tools

The best web designers have the right programs and tools available to help them produce appealing and profitable websites. Designers need access to programs that create graphics, generate programming, help with coding and scripting, and photo editing programs. As you pursue your education, you will become familiar with these programs and determine which ones work best for you and you will most likely have some favorites.

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