Dreaming of having a more exciting career; one where you get to be creative, meet interesting people and be recognized for you contributions? Don’t just dream; you can have a career in the entertainment field with a degree from Full Sail University.
Full Sail University
Full Sail University is a fully accredited school with classes offered both on campus and online. They offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in game design, web design, music production, creative writing, music business, and sports marketing (just to name a few). The school understands the process of the creative mind and they have created a learning environment to suit the needs of creative students. The campus is a playground of the latest equipment to be used by students including: recording studios, computer labs, backlots, and film studios. Their facility consists of entertainment veterans who are capable of not only teaching the latest skills but also have knowledge that can only be gained by working in the field of entertainment. This knowledge is passed on to students.
An Award Winning University
Full Sail is a leader in distance education. This year alone they have been honored by the United States Distance Learning Association in three categories. They received the Best Practices Award, Outstanding Leadership Award and the Silver Award for Excellence in Distance Learning.
Their Graduates are Successful
Full Sail knows the value of networking. The university takes steps to ensure that their students are in contact with the right people to ensure employment after graduation. The amount of success their graduates have is a testament to the quality of education Full Sail provides.
At the recent Spike Video Game Awards, 41 graduates were credited on 19 of the major categories. Graduates worked on all four of the Game of The Year nominees: Red Deed Redemption, Call of Duty Black Ops, God of War III, Halo Reach and Mass Effect 2. Other awards given out that graduates worked on included: Best X Box 360 Game; Best PS3 Game, Best Multiplayer Game, Best Individual Sports Game and Best Graphics.
Full Sail grads made an impact at the 53rd Grammy Awards. 74 graduates were credited on 53 of the nominated projects. Most of the outstanding nominations had mixers or engineers that were grads from Full Sail and included: Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame Monster’; Eminem’s ‘Recovery’, and Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’.

To learn more about the awards go here Fullsail.edu
On Line Education
Students taking classes on line have access to the same technology as do the campus students. Instructors take special care to communicate effectively with on line students. Career development is an important aspect and counselors work with students from day one in developing resumes and self marketing.

Find information about admissions and financial aid here: http://www.fullsail.edu/about/contact

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