Are you ready to explore your online education options?  If you are still uncertain and need some extra convincing, here are some of the top 10 reasons according to Carrie L. Sommer over at that you can and should pursue your degree in online education. (These top 10 reasons have motivated me to consider returning to school to obtain another degree in the near future, thanks Carrie!)

10 reasons to get a degree online

  1. Most online colleges allow students to work at their own pace.  Flexibility is why online college is becoming more and more popular.
  2. Attending online college saves you gas money.  No more worrying about student parking and traffic just to get to class.
  3. Parents (moms) can save money on childcare or babysitting by attending college online.  This is a definite plus and benefit for parents choosing to obtain their degree online.
  4. No more textbooks.  As you know, textbooks can become very pricey really hindering a budget.  Thankfully, most materials can be found online.
  5. Studying online allows you to study whenever or wherever you desire.  This option eliminates a strict on-campus schedule.
  6. Online colleges and universities offer pretty much any degree and program you desire. Keep in mind that even though you can take the required classes online any field practice or practicums may still be required.
  7. Online colleges are equipped with top instructors and professors.  No worries that you are not getting quality education.
  8. Attending online college allows you to continue with your job without any worries of quitting just to get your degree.  This day and age it’s pretty much impossible to go to school without working, especially if you are supporting a family.
  9. Online students can take advantage of the same student services as on-campus students.  There is no favoritism in the college world whether online or on campus.
  10. The workforce is very understanding and accepting of online degrees.  If you are lucky, your place of employment offers college reimbursement programs to help you achieve your goals.

These reasons should make you more excited to go to college online.  On-campus learning is most definitely not this flexible.  Who doesn’t like flexibility right?  Talking about flexibility, just for fun let’s take a look at colleges with the most flexible degrees:

10 colleges with flexible degrees

  1. University of Phoenix
  2. Kaplan University Online
  3. Devry University Online
  4. Ellis MBA Program
  5. Baker Online College
  6. ITT Technical Institute Online
  7. Keller Graduate School of Management Online
  8. Westwood College
  9. Capella University Online
  10. Anthem College Online

If you are a prospective online student, what’s holding you back from enrolling in online courses?  The tuition prices? Time? Involvement?  Whatever your situation please share with us.  Hopefully these 10 reasons have given you some sort of encouragement.

What about current online students? What is your main reason for taking your courses online?  Is it one or more of the reasons mentioned above?  Maybe you have your own reason(s) please feel free to share it with us.

Are you an online college graduate? Please share with us your online experiences and how it worked out for you.  Was it easier than you thought or was it more challenging?  We would love to hear from you.

*For more reasons on why to go to college online, check out this article by Jennie Braggon

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