This Father’s Day skip the cookout and bad tie, instead give dad a gift that will be still giving years from now.
Encourage Dad to Fulfill His Education Dreams
Every dad wants to do the best he can for his family. However, many dads lack the education necessary to get a good paying job. Or perhaps your dad is not happy with his job and has a dream career that he never had the opportunity to go after. The best gift you can give is your love and support. Encourage your dad to fulfill his education and career dreams by providing him with the tools necessary to succeed. Show dad his earning potential with our infographic of average male income.
Give Dad a Head Start on the Cost of a Higher Education.
There are many types of financial help available to the dad who wants to go back to school including student loans and grants. Visit the Careers and Education grant guide to find out everything dad needs to know about help paying for his college education. Print out the information and give it to your dad in a nice card. Our grant guide is here:
Find Schools That Offer Degrees in Your Dad’s Chosen Field
The school guide on Careers and Education offers information on many different types of careers (everything from business administration to game developing). Find out which schools might work for your dad and request more information. Our school guide offers searches by degree choice, type of classes (campus or online), and by school.
Help Dad Network by Taking Classes on Campus
Campus classes provide opportunities for dads to meet other students with the same career goals. By taking classes on campus, less experienced dads learn to problem solve in group situations. Another benefit of taking classes on campus includes making lasting relationships that may pay off in the future in the form of employment opportunities, career development and friendships.
Busy Dads can get Degrees Online
Online education offers the same degree programs as campus education. Class work is done online but the degrees carry the same weight as traditional ones. The difference is that dads can complete course work when it is most convenient for them, whether it be on the weekends or late at night.
Spruce Up Dad’s Resume with Our Resume Guide
Help dad get that job he wants by sprucing up his resume. Our resume guide will walk you through step by step.

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