Are you considering an online degree in teaching?  Whether it’s a Bachelor’s or Master’s you may be wondering which online colleges and universities offer the best of the best.   There is one university in particular you may be interested in learning about.  Have you heard of Western Governors University?    It is an accredited American University offering programs in Business, Teacher Education, Information Technology and Health Professions such as Nursing.

Western Governors University is known for it’s outstanding Teacher College with NCATE Accreditation and “recognized and accepted programs.”  Here is a brief list of programs you can expect to see at WGU:

Online Teaching and Master’s Programs

  • B.A Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8)
  • B.A Early Childhood Education
  • Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Prep (K-8)
  • M.A Teaching (K-8)
  • M.S Curriculum Instruction
  • Endorsement Preparation Program

You can check out a complete list of online teaching programs on

What sets WGU apart from other online universities is they have a very appealing tuition plan.  Instead of paying a fee per credit hour, WGU charges tuition at a flat rate every six months.  Wow, right?  So basically as they say it, ” you are paying for the time and not the credit hours.” The tuition is just $2,890 per six-month term.  How can an online university such as WGU keep tuition rates as low as this?  This is a good question and one that I researched very quickly.  Here is what I found out: “WGU is a non-profit university who doesn’t need to benefit from shareholders.” WGU truly cares about their students so keeping tuition costs low is of utmost importance.  Because WGU is strictly online, they don’t have any other concerns such as on-campus learning etc.  What do you think of this?  Sounds awesome and definitely worth looking into.

Though WGU’s tuition is low they still offer scholarship and financial aid programs to help you achieve your goals and dreams of getting a teaching degree.  They even offer corporate reimbursement plans.  It’s not a bad idea to check out if your current place of employment is using this program to help further your education.

Admissions Process

Before you decide on Western Governors University, here are a few things you need to consider before going forward with the admissions process:

  • Talk with an Enrollment Counselor
  • Look at your college experience if any and your work experience
  • Your Readiness Assessment results from WGU
  • How much time you commit to your studies in order to obtain a teaching degree

Here is what you need for admissions to Western Governors University:

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Submit any official transcripts from other colleges or universities you may have attended in the past.
  • You must meet the minimum age requirement of 16
  • Must be able to meet “program-specific” requirements
  • Must have an interview with Enrollment Counselor

Graduate programs may have slightly different requirements for admissions so checking out those requirements on the website may be of interest to you.

What do you think of WGU?  Would you consider obtaining your teaching degree from Western Governors University now that you know how set apart they are from all the rest?  We would love to hear from you.

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