With technology advancing more and more these days, there are greater opportunities to pursue a career in this field after obtaining some sort of degree. What about Computer Science? Women seem to be jumping on board this career choice right up there along with nursing and teaching. Look out guys, here come the girls.

I like this statement I found by an award-winning computer scientist, Edsger Dijkstra. “Computer Science is no more about computers than Astronomy is about telescopes.” Very interesting statement right? With that said, what careers can you pursue with a Computer Science degree? Well, medical and environmental is just a glimpse of the many opportunities available to you. Check out this brief list of the many jobs and careers that associate with Computer Science and Information Technology.

Jobs and Careers in Computer Science and Information Technology

Job Descriptions

What does an Applications Programmer do? Wisegeek.com says it best:”It is someone who has acquired high-level skills in a variety of computer programming languages. The are able to use these skills to modify and create new software applications or programs.”

What does a Computer Operations Supervisor do? They oversee those who make decisions that are “digitized and conveyed over an ever-expanding network of computers and other electronic devices.” Wikipedia

What does a Web Designer do? Web Designers creates web pages and puts them on the Internet. Many companies hire Web Designers to perform these tasks specifically for business purposes.

Do any of these appeal to you? Do you see yourself becoming an Applications Programmer, a Computer Operations Supervisor, Junior Business Analyst or a Web Designer? If so, check out these list of online schools. Once you have a plan in place you can shoot for the stars and really become successful.

Online Schools for Computer Science

  • American InterContinental University– B.S in Information Technology-Computer Systems
  • Walden University-B.S in Computer Info Systems and Technology, B.S in data Database Administration and Data Center Operations, B.S. in Human Computer Interaction, B.S. in Online Work and Communities, and B.S. in Online Work and Communities Information Systems.
  • University of Phoenix-IT and Computer Science-Bachelor’s in Information Technology-Software Engineering, and Master’s in Information Systems.
  • Colorado Technological University-Doctor of Computer Science, Doctor of Digital Systems Security, Doctor of Emerging Media, Doctor of Enterprise Information Systems, Doctor of Information Assurance, Master’s in Computer Systems Security, Master’s of Database Systems, and Master’s of Software Engineering.
  • Western Governors University-M.S. in Information Security and Assurance.
  • Everest University Online-Associate in Computer Information Science and Bachelor in Computer Information Science.
  • Northcentral University– Applied Computer Science (DBA) and Applied Computer Science (PhD)
  • Ashworth College-Computer Information Management- Associate Degree and Computer Information Management Certificate. Also they offer PC’s for beginners-Diploma.

How about you moms? Are you ready to try something completely different? Computers aren’t just for the big boys anymore. Women are capable of computers as good if not better than the next guy (or girl). Go for your dreams without intimidation. It will all be worth it in the end.

If you are a woman who also happens to be a mom that has a degree in Computer Science we would love to hear from you. Please share any advice or encouragement you may have to help motivate others contemplating this career path.

*Check out more information on Computer Science Degrees here on classesandcareers.com.

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