information systems techInformation Systems (IS): “Is an academic/professional discipline bridging the business field and the well-defined computer science field that is evolving toward a new scientific area of study.” (Wikipedia)

Does this field of study interest you?  There are a variety of degree programs available in Information Systems.  From online to on-campus you can search for the right school to help you earn your degree towards IS.

I have talked to a lot of moms in the past couple of years that are choosing the technology field and they are so happy with their decision.  If you are technology savvy, you may end up doing really well in this field.  It’s most definitely worth a shot.  Here are just a few of the many job opportunities you can pursue in Computer Information Systems:

Information Systems Jobs and Careers

  • Information Systems Managers:  This position is the “primary career choice.”  “It includes planning, directing,  or coordinating information systems, systems analysis, electronic data processing,  and computer system development.”
  • Senior Management Positions: CIO, CTO, Director of Systems Development, Director of E-Commerce, Chief Security Officer, Internet Technology Strategist, Director of IT operations.
  • Middle Management Positions: Product Manager, Information Security Manager, Application Development Manager, Database Manager, Data Warehousing Manager, Internet/Intranet Manager, Network Manager, etc.

These are just to name a few as stated by Georgia State University but I think you get the idea by now.  Let’s take a look at the top online degree programs in Computer Information Systems:

 Top IS Online Schools

  • Post University OnlineBachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Information Systems-Software Development Management.
  • Strayer UniversityAssociate in Arts Information Systems and Masters of Science in Information Systems-Enterprise Resource Management.
  • Walden UniversityBachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems:Self-Designed
  • Kaplan University-Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology-Application Development
  • DeVry University– Bachelor in Computer Information Systems-Information Systems Security
  • University of Phoenix-Master of Information Systems

I am sure that there are more online schools offering a variety of degrees in separate concentrations available.  If you are still unsure of this field but would like more information, you can check out our section of Information Systems here on

The versatility of these programs is so great because technology is advancing so rapidly.  There will always be a need for individuals with Computer Information Systems degrees.  If you are still not convinced by this point and time, here is a list of top jobs in this field just last year:

Top IS Jobs

  • Software Product Manager: $106,000-$148,000 a year
  • Computer Network Security Consultant:$99,700-$152,000 a year
  • Business Analyst: $82,600-$119,000 a year
  • Software Developer: $79,400-$116,000 a year
  • IT Project Manager: $89,700-$140,000 a year
  • Product Management Director: $145,000-$201,000 a year

As you can see I have included the yearly salary for each job title.  Very exciting right?  Keep in mind some of these positions may require a MBA with specific concentrations but it’s definitely worth the hard work and dedication to get you to that point, wouldn’t you say?

If you are interested in pursuing this particular field or are currently going to school for one of these degree programs, we would love to hear from you.  Please share anything you think would be relevant to those considering this school and career path.  If you are a mom that currently possesses a degree in IS please share with us how you were able to manage completing the degree while working and raising a family.  Moms need constant encouragement and need to hear from other moms that they too can achieve their dreams.





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