school and budgetingIf you are a mom enrolled as a new student this semester you are most likely trying to figure out how your budget is going to work out for the remainder of the year.  Maybe you are currently getting financial aid or a scholarship for returning to school but this will not stop you from staying on a tight or strict budget right?  Whatever your situation I found an amazing resource for moms in this situation.

Website: Moms Budget

I would like to introduce you to Moms Budget over at If you have never heard of this site it is very “mom friendly“ and one that I think you may appreciate.  From personal finance and budgeting advice to tips on couponing, they have got you covered.  What I like about Moms Budget is they offer a variety of resources to get you on the right budgeting path.  From printables to DIY projects and activities, they may make your budgeting experience more tolerable and maybe even a little enjoyable.  An example of the many printables they have available on the site is the “Monthly Household Budget Worksheet.”  It contains an area for income such as: Salary, spouse salary, bonuses, dividends, gifts received, interest, investing income, and more.  You can calculate your expected income and actual income while seeing the difference.  It also contains a list of expenses ranging from rent/mortgage/insurance to spending cash.  Having a visual will help you stay on budget.  It’s great because you can print as many as you need whenever you want.

Homeschooling mom on a budget

As a homeschooling mom on a budget and a mom looking to return to school hopefully next year I love the budget tips contained on the website.  Tips include but are not limited to the expense of homeschooling to book discounts for homeschool.  I will most definitely be taking advantage of this area of the site in the future.  You may also find this beneficial if you too are a homeschooling mom also returning to school.


What about the couponing section I briefly referred to in the beginning?  Well, if you are all about couponing or on a quest to become an “extreme couponer” you may find this section very beneficial.  You can print multiple online coupons and even get tips for coupon doubling.  The tips are abundant on this section of the website so you may want to check it out.  The more money we can save with coupons the better right?

Traveling on a budget

As a mom in school, are you worried that you will not be able to travel with your family?  Moms Budget has some incredible tips on how you can travel with your family.  A good example to look out for is hotels that offer deals for kids or maybe cheap airfare ticket deals.  These ideas will help take the “expensive” out of your vocabulary and turn it into “inexpensive.”

DIY projects and activities

Are you all about DIY projects and activities?  Believe it or not taking this route will help you save money and budget with ease.  I like some of the ideas presented on the website.  Examples of these projects include but are not limited to:

  • Make your own cleaners
  • Make your own non-stick cooking spray
  • How to remove scratches from CD’s
  • How to transport a hot casserole
  • How to make your own bubble bath recipe

You may be suprised at all of the ideas listed on the website.  Some of them I would never even think to do myself.  Quite amazing.


I could go on and on about Moms Budget so I will talk about one more topic and one that is my favorite: Recipes!  What mom doesn’t like to save money on recipes for her family?  There is even a printable Grocery price log worksheet  on to make all of that possible for your family.  So great!

Moms Budget just recently added a new blog, feel free to check that out as well as there are always ideas and deals showing up daily.

Here is a brief list of other topics and tips you will see on Moms Budget:

  • Loans for moms
  • Household Bills
  • Household Expenses
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Freezer Cooking
  • Freezer Recipes
  • Container Gardening
  • Kid Friendly Recipes

For more ideas on how to budget effectively, check out Get Rich Slowly on

*If you are a mom considering returning to school but still unsure of what school to look into, check out our list of online schools here on

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