Okay moms, I urge you not to become a college dropout.  Maybe you dropped out once and are returning but don’t stay out of the college loop.  Pursue that degree you have been talking about for so long. You can do it!

I thought I would take a slightly different angle and display a list of celebrity parents who chose to drop out of college for whatever reason.  Maybe this list can motivate you to stick with your dreams.

10 celebrity moms and dads

According to the Mommyologist on Babble.com, there are some celebrity parents that chose to drop out of college, but why?  Let’s find out:

  1. If you are a fan of Reese Witherspoon, you may be surprised to know that she attended Stanford University.  Makes you think of Legally Blonde doesn’t it?  I mean in this very unrealistic movie her character “Elle” shows her colleagues up and obtains a  law degree from Harvard.  Well, unfortunately Witherspoon did not complete any type of degree at any prestigious college or university.  She attended Stanford for one year and then decided to pull out to further pursue her acting career.  Do you think she regrets this decision today?  Sure, she is making millions without a degree but this personal decision she made may creep up on her later in life.
  2. Were you an avid viewer of the hit show Dawson’s Creek back in the day? Along with the major drama that was displayed on this show, some of the teenagers including “Dawson” wanted to pursue a degree in film to become a world renowned movie director.  Did James Van Der Beek pursue his dream like that of his non-fictional character Dawson?  He did attend Drew University but then decided to drop out to pursue an acting career.
  3. Okay, this celebrity parent’s reason kind of gets to me and makes me wonder why it wasn’t ever pursued any further. Matt Damon apparently attended Harvard for all 4 years but was not able to graduate because he didn’t earn enough credits. Ugh, really?  Doesn’t that seem like kind of a waste to attend a prestigious university such as Harvard all 4 years and then find out you didn’t earn enough to graduate?  I think I would figure out where I went wrong and obtain those credits to get my degree, how about you?
  4. Okay, Gwyneth Paltrow fans this actress gone singer/entertainer originally studied Art History at the University of California but then pursued an acting career.  Not a shocker considering acting is pretty much the number one reason why all of these celebrity parents dropped out of college in the beginning.
  5. Ms. Jennifer Garner’s husband Ben Affleck attended the University of Vermont before tending to his acting career.  I also heard he transferred to another college after U of V but didn’t continue because of his itch for acting.  Do you think he may regret his decision to quit college now that you don’t see him on the screen as much?
  6. Sandra Bullock did drop out but guess what, she went back to obtain her degree.  She attended East Carolina University.  Good for Sandra Bullock for finishing what she started and is still an incredible actress.
  7. This one is kind of shocking .  Madonna attended the University of Michigan (GO BLUE) on a dance scholarship but decided to call it quits and headed to New York City.  Wow, what a waist of a dance scholarship but yet she still somehow managed to make it big.
  8. Hilarious Ben Stiller only attended UCLA for a short time before deciding to fully pursue his acting career in which I think he has done quite well.
  9. Here is another one that kind of doesn’t make any sense to me.  Brad Pitt attended the University of Missouri up until just two weeks before he graduated.  Does this make you wonder why?  Well, his pay checks may be a reminder but why quit college when you are about to meet your goal?
  10. This is a very interesting situation.  Cindy Crawford attended Northwestern University on a, (and get this), Chemical Engineering Scholarhsip.  What? Wow, really?  She went for a short time and then decided to pursue her modeling career.

Do you think that any of these parents ever wish they would have completed their college degree?  Don’t let this be you.  I know, you are no celebrity but you are a parent that deserves the best in life.  Pursue your college education and don’t give up and quit.  You may regret it in the long run.

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