If you’re thinking about pursuing a college degree, you’d probably like to know what are the highest paying jobs for new college grads (for the class of 2011). Sound career advice tells us to pursue degrees that will lead to a well-paying job, especially if you’re planning on taking out student loans to finance your degree.

What are the Highest Paying Jobs For New College Grads?

The National Association of Colleges and Employees surveys employers to determine what average salaries are being offered to new college grads. The results of the 2010 survey (anticipating 2011 hiring and salary trends) show that certain college degrees are more financially rewarding than others.

Most Engineering Degrees

If you’re interested in how things work or love to tinker with a computer, you’re in luck. Engineering and computer science jobs ranked as the top ten highest paying jobs for new college graduates. The following are the average salaries for 2011 college grads in the following careers:

Chemical Engineers – $66,886

Computer Scientists – $63,017

Mechanical Engineers – $60,739

Electrical Engineers – $60,646

Computer Engineers – $60,112

Industrial Engineers – $58,549

Systems Engineers – $57,497

Specialist in Engineering Technology – $57,176

Information Science Specialist – $56,868

Networking/Telecommunications Engineer – $56,808

Nursing Degrees

If you’re not interested in engineering, you’ll be happy to hear that you can make a decent salary in health care without an advanced degree. New nursing degree (RN) graduates can expect to make on average $55,774.

Finance, Economics, and Mathematics Degrees

Several of the other highest paying jobs for college graduates fall into the category of math and finance, so rejoice if you’re good with numbers. The following jobs require a love for math, but they pay out well. Each of these positions requires a college degree and pays (on average, to new college grads) as follows:

Mathematicians – $55,300

Economists – $54,634

Managers with Degrees in Finance – $53,048

Accountants – $50,316

Management Degrees

Are you better with people than numbers? Fortunately, not all the good-paying jobs go to those who love math and science. If you’re good with people and majored in a people-friendly types of degree such as business management or human resources, you can get one of the following high-paying jobs:

Human Resource Administrator – $52,532

Logistics Managers – $50,602

Watch Out For These Degrees

While you may decide doing what you love is more important than making a lot of money, you will want to be aware of the average salaries being offered for new college graduates in the field of your choice. For example, most teachers, journalists, social workers, artists, and scientists focused on either plant or animal sciences usually make less than $35,000 their first year out of college.

You’ll want to plan your education such that you can afford to pay off student loans after graduation. For many students, that means making adjustments to their lifestyle or the length of time in college, setting themselves up for success upon graduation.

Good News For New Grads

Everyone knows the downturn in the economy has been tough on new graduates, but the latest National Association of Colleges and Employees survey (2010) tells us that the employers surveyed plan on hiring more college graduates. In fact, companies are anticipating an increase in hiring of (on average) 19.3 more new college grads this year than in 2010. But that’s not all the good news. Corporations also plan on offering (on average) higher salaries than in 2010. So if your goal is to land one of the highest paying jobs for new grads, make sure your education plans will get you where you want to go.

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