As a mom in school, how would you rate your study habits?  Maybe your study habits were excellent before children but have found it to be a challenge now that you are a mom.  It’s okay, this is very normal but also manageable.  There are ways to get those study habits back but there is also a way to make them stick.  Even if you didn’t have good study habits before having children there are tips to help you stay on top of the game so to speak but you have to be consistent and diligent in your studies in order for it to work.

Before I was a mom, I can honestly say that I had excellent study habits.  I was very diligent as I wanted to make top grades, and who wouldn’t right?  I guess it’s all about discipline and motivation.  When I had children, it was a whole other story.  I was never motivated to study and just didn’t seem to care as much as before because I was just so darn tired.  I had to learn how to balance and prioritize my schooling along with all the other major demands in life.  Here are a few study tips, much like the ones mentioned on, that I adopted along the way that I think may be beneficial to you.

Study Habit Tips

  • As soon as you create the study schedule that works for you, stick with it until it becomes a habit.  They say it takes 21 to 30 days to make a habit.  After you push through this window, most likely you will find it easier to study and stay motivated.
  • Be consistent with your schedule every day.  If you are not consistent then the habit you created will not stick and you will end up taking two steps backwards.
  • Work your way up to your goal.  A good window for successful studying is about two hours a day.  If you find that this is very difficult for you to do, try at least 45 minutes a day and then add 5 minutes a day to that schedule until you achieve at least two hours a day.
  • Post-It notes may need to become your best friend for those reminders to study.  Stick a note in places that you look at every day like the bathroom mirror, the fridge, etc.
  • Get yourself a study buddy.  Some moms may find this as a distraction but others thrive on having a study buddy to make it more interesting.
  • Establish some sort of ritual that will trigger you to automatically get into your study hot spot.  A good example would be to study after dinnertime every day.
  • Moms aren’t perfect.  Be prepared that it will take motivation and discipline and slip ups until you are able to establish a solid study routine.
  • Use positive language like “I can do this.” If you are always saying “I can’t do this” then your plans to succeed will be hindered and you will most likely fail in your attempts to achieve stellar study habits.
  • Remove all distractions from your study area to avoid any temptations.  Try to study in a place that does not have a TV, etc.

Having study habits that stick not only help you become successful in school, they help you to become a better person because it is teaching you discipline and dedication.  This can be very hard to achieve if not practiced regularly.

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