As a mom that has gone back to school in the past and planning on returning in the future I can honestly say I have heard just a few negative comments regarding this decision.  Not to myself directly but to moms in school in general.  Here is one comment that made me cringe and may make you cringe as well.  “Going back to college is selfish. You need to focus on your children and go back when they are grown.”  In some cases this may be true especially if you decide to put your heart and soul into school (like going full time).  I think moms with young children are smart enough to know that it would be too hard to pull off depending on their situation but every mom is different.  It’s all in what they can handle.  What do you think?

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Would you believe that there are tips out there steering moms and other individuals away from the decision to go to school? Okay, so this may not be too surprising as there is so much information on the Internet that people read and mentally digest.  People will believe just about anything.  Here are some examples of a few tips (as mentioned at Spacebull Hubpages on on reasons why you should NOT go to college:

Reasons NOT to go to college examined

  • Who needs college learning when there is an abundance of resources at our finger tips such as the library and Internet?  Basically, you can just teach yourself what you need to know to survive in this world.  Okay, in some cases this may reign true for many individuals, especially those who cannot afford college or feel that the college world is just simply not for them.  But for moms wanting to better themselves and increase their pay, this route will most definitely not get them anywhere.
  • Learn from each other!  Wow, really?  Sure, you can obtain a wealth of knowledge from those who are educated but will that help you get a degree in the field you so desire like say becoming a nurse or a lawyer?  I think not!
  • You can create your own career without the help of college.  This may be true for some people that have endless creativity shooting through their brain but not everyone is lucky at building a career from scratch and becoming super successful!

What do you think of that?  Do you feel discouraged at the thought of returning to school after reading those negative tips?  Hopefully, it has inspired you to want to return to college and prove those pessimists out there wrong doesn’t it?  I know that it frustrates me to a degree to think that there are many out there that think it’s all a joke or that all knowledge comes at a cheap price or no price at all.  I know, it would be great to earn our education at a very low price but it’s just not reality.

Upon further research of those out there determined to steer people away from the doors of higher education, I was surprised to find that Forbes by Forbes Staff has a brief section on “5 Reasons not to go to College.”  Are you ready for this?  Here are those reasons:

  1. Kiss four years of solid working skills goodbye!
  2. You won’t earn less money.
  3. Invest your tuition!  Really?  This is advised to do in order to make more money.  Wow!
  4. You can learn just as much outside a classroom, so who needs it?
  5. Bill Gates and others did just fine without a college education.  Though this may be true, do you think they wish that they did get some sort of college education?

I am seriously just blown away by all of this and not in a good way.  I understand that there are many individuals out there that will do just fine without college but I feel that having a college education is like carrying gold in your pocket.  At least you know that you are marketable when it comes to a college degree than those who do not possess one.   I also understand it’s all dependent on the economy too.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Do you think that there are too many anti-education alarmists out there on the fast track to discourage people from their dreams?  Okay, so this may seem a little harsh and exaggerated but it sure feels like it when you type in the search engine about going back to college but instead seeing “reasons why you should not go to college.”

Should moms return to school?  Share your thoughts and/or opinions, I would love to hear from you.

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2 comments on “Should Moms Really Go Back to School?

  • Lindsay, you are a fount of common sense on this subject. I read articles like the Forbes one you mention, then I think about the degrees the writers themselves likely hold and wonder what the heck they’re smoking. Yes, you can certainly be an autodidact, and a really smart one, but employers, as a rule, don’t hire autodidacts. They don’t even look at autodidacts’ résumés. And just how many of us get to be Bill Gates, anyway? I admire you for heading back to school as a mom.

  • For those who are against moms going back to school must never have to lift a finger. Most moms can’t stay home and be with their children. Must be nice. I work retail, all kinds of shifts, sometimes I see my son for 30 minutes before bedtime, just to have a paycheck. People have a lot of nerve. I see people going back to school liberating themselves from average working women who can’t be home with their kids. If going back to school won’t help me spend more time with my kids, I don’t know what will. Not all of us can be stay at home moms.

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