Communications is a rapidly changing field, but it remains one of the most prominent fields of our day. What used to be the work of newspapers and news stations has now spread across the Internet, across thousands of sites. More workers are needed in this field than ever before.

So what can you do with a Communications degree? What can’t you do? You can work in the corporate world. You can go to the front lines of a war or write stories from the safety of your home office. In short, a major in Communications can take you anywhere. Courtesy of the ClassesAndCareers team, here are ten careers for Communications majors:

1. Journalist

communications majors journalismEnjoy chasing down stories and being on the front lines of delivering news to the hungry public? Enjoy traveling and bringing the truth to light? To be a journalist, you have to be comfortable approaching and asking difficult questions to strangers. Tenacity and a strong sense of social justice don’t hurt either.

2. Writer

Do you excel at telling stories and putting them in writing? Are you comfortable with grammar, spelling, structure, punctuation, and writing for hours on end? With the Web expanding and sites delivering more content than ever, writers are as needed as they’ve ever been.

3. Ad designer

Do you have a fine eye for makes a gorgeous magazine ad or an eye-catching billboard? Are you comfortable with software programs like Photoshop and Illustrator? Apply your design savvy at an ad agency and create the ads that everyone will be talking about next month.

4. Public relations manager

Keep companies and public figures out of the naughty corner with the power of words and media placement. PR managers are masters at crafting messages that get their clients noticed by the media for all the right reasons, and then cleaning up the mess when their clients screw up.

5. Interpreter and translator

As news goes increasingly international, skilled language-speakers are needed to translate news and other content into multiple languages.

6. Photojournalist

If a picture paints a thousand words, then photojournalists put out volumes of work. Their work, often taken in the face of danger, help put a face on the news. Their images take us to distant places and into the middle of momentous events. So, if you love photography and you love adventure, photojournalism might be for you.

7. Advertising manager

Want to be the one keeping ad agencies running properly, and spinning the next wave of Super Bowl ads while you’re at it? Ad managers have a ridiculously demanding schedule but they also get to be in thick of the most exciting media around.

8. Corporate communications manager

Companies hire people to communicate with the rest of the world for them. This person can act as public relations manager at times, but is also central to determining what the company will say (and not say) to its customers and shareholders.

9. Copywriter

Copywriters have the sharpest pen around. They don’t just write articles. They craft messaging specifically for advertisements. This means they have to convey, in just a few words, a message that communicates the benefits of a product and does it in a unique way.

10. Editor

Someone has to make sure that everyone else is spelling correctly and sharing the best stories. Editors are the head coaches of the media world. They direct everyone’s efforts to make sure the very best media is produced.

So what Communications careers are you interested in? Share in the comments below!

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