Eventually, with all you get going to college, you feel the need to give something back. Mentoring others, which can happen at your job or during social activities, can be a perfect way to do this, reaching out to those who are less experienced and sharing with them what you’ve learned. The way you help may be academic, social, or with their career, but one thing is certain: you will benefit from these interactions as much or more than those you help. (It’s sort of the first law of altruism.)

To help you get started in finding mentoring opportunities, here are five opportunities for mentoring for college students that you can find on any college campus:

mentoring opportunities for college student1. Clubs

Most college campuses come complete with dozens of student clubs for any interest from medieval sword-fighting to conservative politics to film. These clubs give students the opportunity to organize events, hold fundraisers, and socialize with other students who hold their same interests.

Inevitably, more experienced students get the opportunity to mentor incoming students. If you’re looking for a great mentoring opportunity in a more relaxed, less academic setting, consider joining a club.

2. Student government

Often, the first people that incoming freshmen will meet at orientation belong to student government. As a member of student government, you get to break the newbies in, show them where everything is, and give them a positive first week. You also get to address any concerns they have early on and as their first year continues. This puts you in a good position to mentor them and get them started on the right foot.

3. Tutoring

Some students struggle with writing, others with math. Students usually need help in one area or another, and chances are, you’re really good in one of those areas. Working as a tutor lets you mentor others as a job, helping them overcome difficulties they may have in learning the material. It also helps you stay sharp in your own skills.

4. Volunteering at a local high school

Now that you’ve successfully transitioned from high school to college, you are in a prime position to assist high school students in making the jump themselves. After all, you can tell them how to prepare, what to avoid, and stand as an example of what they could be. Good mentors are always needed, but especially in areas where few students continue on to college.

student mentoring sorority5. Greek System

Fraternities and sororities have their pluses and negatives, but, even more than clubs and student government, if you become a member, they place you in a strong position to influence and mentor others. After all, you live in the same house, eat meals together, attend social events together. Even after your college experience has concluded, you are expected to mentor other members of your organization and help them get their careers started. Parties, hazing, and booze aside, the Greek System is a massive mentoring opportunity.

Are you looking for opportunities to mentor while in college? What ways have you found to reach out to and help others as a mentor? Share in the comments below!

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