Once you have completed your resume in a word processor program, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, it is time to get it into the hands of an employer. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Of course, before you do anything, save a copy of your resume as a file on the computer you have been using. You wouldn’t want to lose all your hard work. Then, with your resume document saved, check out the following options:

By Email

Most employers nowadays are asking that jobseekers submit their resumes via email. Because this is becoming so common, it’s important that you have your own personal email account for sending out resumes and receiving emails back from interested employers.

Assuming you have your own email address, the best way to email your resume to an employer will be to attach your resume document to the email. Make sure you’ve got the right email address from the employer, usually the one you would find on the job description. With your resume attached, include a cover letter message instructing the employer to take a look at your attached resume.

For instructions on how to write your cover letter message, check out this post.

On an Employer’s Website

It is also becoming common for employers to have jobseekers submit their resumes directly on the employer’s website. This will take place on a specific page.

To know whether the employer you’re interested in uses this technique, you’ll have to go through the application process, as every employer has their own preferences. If the employer uses this technique, it will show up as a request, asking you to upload your resume document.

In Person

Even with all these electronic options, you can still bring your resume to the employer’s place of business in person. This is a great way to help them put a face with a name and make sure you get some eyeballs on your resume.

To give your resume to them in person, you’ll have to print out a copy of your resume, locate their place of business, and deliver it yourself. Of course, if you’re going to show up in person, make sure you dress as if you were coming in for a job interview.

Ultimately, the best way to deliver your resume to an employer is to check the job description, where they’ll usually detail their preferred method of delivery. Employers love to see that you can follow directions.

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