What is in a word? A whole lot, especially when it comes to your resume. As we have said again and again, hiring managers have only seconds to scan through your resume and their eyes are looking for words that stand out, words that tell them in a fraction of a second that your resume is worth taking a closer look at. This is where too many people opt for boring, flat verbs like ‘did’ or ‘made.’ But if you want hiring managers to see what you have to offer, you need to use dynamic verbs that quickly capture their attention and tell them who they’re dealing with.

What exactly is a dynamic verb, you might ask? Dynamic verbs are unusual, vivid, and illustrative. In just a few syllables they convey a lot of meaning. The following five verbs are some fine examples of dynamic verbs that you should work into your resume:

1. Accomplished

What better word for hiring managers to see in your resume than this one. In one word, ‘accomplished’ conveys a host of things, all of them positive. It says you met your goals, reached the marks you set for yourself or, even better, that were set for you by your company or the market. In short, the word ‘accomplished’ tells hiring managers that you are someone they can trust to hit or exceed goals.

2. Overcame

Hiring managers always get a little suspicious about people who seem to have taken the easy road, with no challenges to speak of. That’s why it’s always good to point out in your resume how you’ve encountered and beaten obstacles. This tells hiring managers that you won’t fold at the first sign of trouble. No, you are seasoned, battle-hardened, ready for the challenges that their job will throw at you.

3. Surpassed

The only thing better than reaching goals is surpassing them. This one word establishes in the hiring manager’s mind that you are the kind of person who goes above and beyond, shattering goals and taking their company to the next level. Another word you could substitute here would be ‘exceeded.’ Either word will notify hiring managers that you are their next superstar.

4. Rejuvenated

Another great story for hiring managers to see is the story of taking a broken product, team, campaign, etc., and turning it around into something great. The word ‘rejuvenated’ conveys this story quite effectively. Some other similar words include ‘restore,’ ‘rebuild,’ ‘re-energize,’ and ‘reinvent.’ All of these are dynamic verbs that convey the idea that you aren’t just good at taking winners and making them better, but you have experience making losers into winners.

5. Created

Finally, if you want to show hiring managers that you know how to build successful projects, products, or campaigns from the ground up, ‘created’ is a wonderful word to use. Especially in jobs that would require you to take projects from concept to execution, ‘created’ is a great word to include on your resume.

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