Becoming a mom, for all its benefits, can limit your career choices. After all, you are typically needed for nurturing and looking after your kids in addition to your work duties. Thankfully, there are some very stable careers that fit very well with the mom lifestyle.

Here is our list of five great careers for moms:

1. Nursing

Many moms struggle to find work that makes a sufficient income for their family but also allows them to still nurture their children. Fortunately, nursing offers an opportunity for moms to fill both of these requirements. In fact, median salary for registered nurses is $64,690 per year. These jobs are expected to continue growing at the high rate of 26 percent through 2020.

In addition to strong benefits and demand, nurses are often able to find schedule that allow them to tend to their families in their off-hours before heading off to work.

2. Education

Especially for moms with elementary or secondary school-aged children, working as a school teacher offers the perfect schedule. When your kids are at school, you’re at work. When you’re kids have vacation, so do you. Although pay for schoolteachers is typically on the lower end of the professional scale at $51,380 median salary for elementary school teachers, demand usually continues to grow at a healthy rate.

Plus, being a teacher can be a great way to keep an eye on your kids and their academic performance while you’re working.

3. Banking

This career is known for its great hours and days off, although the pay is very low. Bank tellers make a media annual salary of $24,100. The biggest plus here for moms are the hours, which, if you have school-aged children, would make it possible for you to be home when your children are out of school.

4. Real Estate Sales

Flexibility is a big benefit for working moms. After all, you never know when your child will need to be picked up from school or your child will need your presence at a dance recital. Real estate sales lets you set your own schedule according to the needs of your clients, often working from home and leaving you more open to look after the changing needs of your kids. Median annual salary for real estate sales agents is a decent $42,680, but keep in mind, sales agents are paid completely through commission. If you don’t close any sales, you don’t earn anything.

5. Freelance Writing

Also offering a ton of flexibility, this career is great in that you can usually complete your work at any time of day and usually online, as long as you turn in your completed work within your deadlines. With some work, this career can allow you to be a mom when your kids need you and work while they’re sleeping or away at school. The best part is, your schedule is completely up to you.

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