WARNING: The following post is not for people who are creating a resume for an industry like, say, Healthcare, Construction, or Investment Banking. If you break out of the norm and do something crazy in these types of industry, your resume will be passed over. So please only implement these the following tips if you are trying to get a job in a creative industry like Advertising, Technology, or Entertainment. Now, onto the post…

Your resume says a lot about you-and it’s not just through the words on the page. Especially in more creative careers, hiring managers will be looking at how you format as much as what kind of experience you have. And instead of seeing how well you stick to resume formatting dogma, they want to see how well you bend-or even break-the rules. If you pull this off right, your resume functions as a CV but also as a work sample and helps you stand out from the pack.

Here are five ways designers and the like are bending and breaking the rules of resumes to create memorable resumes that get noticed:

1. Play with layout

If you’re not sure how creative you should be in your resume or you’re just not comfortable deep-diving into this whole creativity thing, perhaps the best way to make your resume stand out is to tweak its layout. This may mean breaking up the block structure of your typical resume (as seen above) and tilting everything in your resume to one side, as seen here:

Or you might consider taking each block and scattering it around the page, like so:

Of course, be careful that, even though you are doing dramatic things with your layouts, your reader can still find the information they need from you without too much effort.

2. Think graphically

If you go one level deeper on the creativity/crazy scale, you might consider using a graphic to represent your skills, experience, and talents. Infographic resumes, like this one, have become popular over the last few years:

3. Tweak familiar formats

Another interesting strategy is to take a format that everyone has seen before, but adjust just enough to make it serve your resume. One of these familiar formats is social media. As seen in this example, the job applicant hijacks Facebook’s format to effectively get across a ton of information about her experience, education, and job performance. But, perhaps more importantly, just by showing how she’s repurposed Facebook’s format, she is demonstrating her web and social media savvy:

4. Leave paper and screens behind

If you want to stand out from that huge pile of paper sitting on the hiring manager’s desk, you might want to consider not sending them another 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Physical objects can often be used to grab the hiring manager’s attention and deliver your career information in a memorable way. This approach shows creativity and an ability to execute on great ideas.

5. Go mobile

More and more, mobile platforms, like smartphones and tablets, are being harnessed to deliver resume information in innovative, interactive, eye-catching ways

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