There’s no better way to increase your chances of getting a solid job after graduating from college than adding a good internship to your resume. Internships give you real-world experience and training even before you have a full-fledged college degree. This gives you a significant advantage over other college students who made be focusing solely on their studies.

But the process of finding a solid internship can still be very competitive. To find the right one, you will need to be persistent, flexible, and resourceful. You’ll also need to know the right places to look. Luckily, we’re here to get you started with five places where you can start your internship search:

1. Non-profits

It’s not uncommon for internships at non-profits and not-for-profits to go unlisted. Often, internships at these organizations can be just as educational and valuable to you as internships at the more popular Fortune 500 companies. This presents you with a golden opportunity-a great internship without the high level of competition.

2. Career fairs

Career fairs are your school’s way of bringing jobs and internships right to your doorstep. And many companies will insist that their hiring managers attend these career fairs in search of talented, educated, cheap workers. With all of these motivated hiring managers corralled into one room, career fairs become a very good place to find your next internship.

3. Career advisement center

At your college or university, you probably have a career advisement center. Along other things, these fine folks are responsible for helping students prepare for and land the jobs they want after graduation. Part of that responsibility is usually helping students get internships.

So they spend significant amounts of time scouring job boards and websites for any internship postings they can find. Sometimes, they even bring recruiters to the career advisement center to interview students right on campus. So, yes, you want to know these people. They just might be your key to getting that internship you’re looking for.

4. Local businesses

Often, local small businesses might not be as aggressive about finding interns. In fact, they might not even be offering internships. But, with a little convincing from you, they might change their minds and you could get a wonderful opportunity. The good thing about these smaller establishments is that they are usually more flexible and they offer you an internship experience closer to home. Don’t be afraid to approach these businesses and pitch to them the idea of you interning with them.

5. Family

Ah, that ol’ stand-by. But honestly, you can usually count on family to give you opportunities when you can’t find them anywhere else. You might have a close family member that can help you get a great internship. Don’t be afraid to use that resource if it becomes available.

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