So the media just got done talking about how women are surpassing men in college and the workplace. More women aspired to attend college than men. More female students (65%) than male students (56%) are actually finishing college. Finally, women are spreading into the workplace, assuming higher positions than at any other time in history. These and other reports had some men scratching their heads in confusion; others dove for cover under their desks.

And then the results of a new gender pay gap study came out.

The study, by the American Association of University of Women, according to this article by the Christian Science Monitor, found that:

“Women with the same major and doing the same job as a man will still earn markedly less her first year out of school. For example, among business majors, women earned just over $38,000, while men earned just over $45,000 one year out of college, the study found. In engineering, technology, computer science and social sciences, women made between 77 percent and 88 percent of what their male colleagues were paid. The pay disparity ‘has nothing to with the field.'”

This presents us with an interesting mix: at the same time that women are experiencing unprecedented gains in education and work, they still aren’t being paid equally. And it sounds like the causes behind this phenomenon are a complete mystery (other than plain old bias).

So why do you think women are paid less for the same work as their male counterparts? What can companies and colleges do to fix this problem? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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