Finding a job is never easy, especially in the current job market. But LinkedIn offers some unique tools that make the job hunt a little simpler. Combined with the power of your network, this tool lets you find posted jobs, find contacts within those companies, and expand your network into those companies.

Just in case you are new to LinkedIn, we have decided to give you a brief tutorial. By using the following five tips, you can start finding your next job in LinkedIn:

1. Use the job search.

Of course, this is probably the first place you would look in LinkedIn. But the best feature in the LinkedIn job search, what makes it different from all other job search tools, is that for every job search result that pops up, it also tells you who in your network works at each company. This makes it easy to find a job you’re interested in and then to network your way into that job.

2. Join a group.

In LinkedIn, there is a group for pretty much every job out there. It’s a great place to mingle with people in your career field or in the career field you want to be in. As you join a group, you’ll notice that people post articles, make comments, and otherwise swap experience and tips. This is what you need to do to meet people-possibly even the person who will help you get into your next big job. Participate in discussions, post some stuff of your own. These things will all add up to you gaining valuable relationships that will improve your career.

3. Send a message to someone in your network.

Once you’ve identified people in your network who can help you get your desired job, LinkedIn is the perfect place to send them a quick message. Ask them about the open position or the pros and cons of the company. When you feel the time is right, ask them if they can put a good word in for you. LinkedIn makes this easy.

4. Use the company search.

Let’s say you’re interested in working at a certain company, but you haven’t found a specific job position at that company. You can still search out companies in LinkedIn and find people in your network who work at or are connected to the company you’re interested in. Once you’ve located these individuals, send them a message to start the conversation.

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