Holidays are great for jobs. In fact, whole economies rely on holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, and Mothers Day to survive. Well, Halloween is no exception. In fact, over the years, Halloween has grown from being a mere candy-fest to being a full-blown celebration of terror and bad behavior. With that growth comes jobs.

Are your job skills or hobbies compatible with Halloween? Check out these 5 Halloween careers to find out:

1. Costume Designer

Sure, most people are content to buy a costume off the rack, but some people want a costume all their own, and they’re willing to pay for it. If you’ve got costume design skills and a taste for the season, you can make some extra cash during the fall helping these dedicated souls prepare for that night of nights.

2. Haunted House Actor

Haunted houses are gaining in popularity, with more and more of these professionally staffed fright shows popping up and raking in millions every year. But, of course, it takes more than some face paint and a fake knife to scare people professionally-it takes some serious acting chops to reliably scare hundreds of people a night. If you think you have decent scaring skills, this may be a strong way to make some money.

3. Treat Confectioner

Halloween is synonymous with candy consumption. In fact in 2011, Halloween confection sales were estimated at $2.3 billion. Want to get in on this sweetness? If you’ve got a knack for sweets and know how to sell them, you could make a pretty penny during the season of trick and treats.

4. House Decorator

Do you love going all out to make your house the spookiest on the block? It turns out you could get paid for your gift. This trend started with Halloween but has since made its way into October. Folks that want a festive house but don’t have the time to do it themselves can pay professional house decorators to take care of it for them.

5. Disc Jockey

Halloween has turned from a strictly-for-kids affair to an all-out adult party. The explosion of skimpy adult costumes is evidence of this. But this is also good news for DJs. Every serious Halloween party needs a good DJ. This mean, if you’re adept on the turntables, and you don’t mind breaking out “Thriller” or “The Monster Mash”, you could make some good money on All Hallows Even.

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