Finding the right online high school for your needs can be tricky. Adult students looking to go back and earn their GED to improve their job prospects might be looking to get done as quickly as possible with the flexibility to fit classes into busy work and family schedules. High school-aged students, however, will be looking for more structure and maybe classes to prepare them for college. Of course, on top of everyone’s list of concerns is the price of online high school.

Fortunately, we’ve done some research to compile a list of the ten most affordable national online high schools. For the purposes of this article, we omitted local online high schools, of which there are quite a few. To give you a close-to-accurate comparison, we determined the cost of each school by multiplying their cost per credit (i.e. usually a one year-long course) times six, which is the typical number of courses students will take in a year. To get more definitive numbers, we recommend visiting the school’s websites:

1. Indiana University High School

Estimate cost/yr: $795
The cheapest of the national online high schools we could find, this school allows students to take individual distance learning courses at their leisure or to enroll in a diploma program, which requires a minimum of 40 credits in the mandatory subjects. They do allow much of those credits to be transferred, but at least five of those credits must be earned at Indiana University High School. As a nice bonus, this school gives students access to seasoned academic advisors via email or phone on weekdays.

2. Penn Foster High School

Estimated cost/yr: $1,314
Geared more for students who want to earn their diploma to improve their job prospects and less for prospective college students, Penn Foster‘s diploma program consists of 16 standard classes and five electives, which can include music, foreign language, or job-relevant training for aspiring electricians or home inspectors.

3. CompuHigh Online High School

Estimated cost/yr: $1,495
No prerequisites are required to enroll at this school. This affordable school offers two programs-General Studies and College Prep-which students can choose to take. Naturally, students who aren’t interested in moving on to college will want to forego the College Prep program, while those planning on going on to college will want to take both programs. With both programs combined, the total number of credits needed is 40.

4. Alpha Omega Academy

Estimated cost/yr: $1,620
Like many of the other schools on this list, this Christian online high school offers students a general program and a college preparatory program. Students can enroll at any time throughout the year and new students are required to take placement exams in math and language arts before registration can occur.

5. University of Missouri High School

Estimate cost/yr: $1,680
This school has relatively rigorous standards as online high schools go, making it one of the best values on this list. On top of the more standard courses, University of Missouri High School also offers classes for gifted students, AP courses, and even university-level courses. This school’s courses must be completed within nine months, offering structure to students to help them complete their programs in a timely manner.

6. University of Oklahoma High School

Estimated cost/yr: $1,725
Because it’s tied to a major university, this online high school features your typical core classes (Math, Language Arts, Science, etc.) and some more engaging electives in journalism and Latin. Especially ambitious students, especially adults who are coming back to earn their GED, can cover more ground by taking advantage of the online high school’s dual enrollment option, which lets students take high school and university courses during the program.

7. Ashworth University High School

Estimated cost/yr: $1,770
Geared for students who want to complete assignments and classes on their own schedule, this online high school might not be the best choice for those need more structure (i.e. deadlines) to stay motivated. However, if you are an adult looking to finish off that high school diploma, this might be a perfect way to work around your busy schedule.

8. Keystone National High School

Estimated cost/yr: $2,600
This affordable online high school features two tracks for students: a college track and a career track. The college track comes complete with AP classes and honors classes, everything students will need to get ready to succeed in college. The career track is designed to move students right into the job market with marketable skills in areas such as business writing and computer fundamentals. The online program at Keystone is more expensive than its correspondence course (via mail), but online students get more resources, interactive lessons, and 24-hour tech support.

9. Christa McAuliffe Academy

Estimated cost/yr: $3,510
This online school covers kindergarten through grade 12 and has certified teachers assigned to students to guide them through the educational process. This school, which has been around since 1985, offers electives not seen in other online high schools, like calculus, creative writing, American Sign Language, Japanese, and more.

10. Orange Lutheran High School

Estimated cost/yr: $3,600
With an eye on the spiritual, as well as the intellectual, development of students, this online high school may be the most expensive on our “Most Affordable” list, but it is also the most impressive. Students are grouped into classes and must log in every weekday to take part in their courses, although there is some flexibility in what time they choose to log in. This feature is probably best suited for high school aged students and not so much for adults going back to earn their GED.

With this structure comes some astounding figures. Of all of this online school’s graduates, a stunning 93 percent of them continue on to earn college degrees. So if you are willing to pay more, this online high school might be the right choice for setting your student on a path toward college success.

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  • Marcus good work you have provided top 10 Most Affordable National Online High Schools. But school like Orange Lutheran High School and Christa McAuliffe Academy are really very expensive. School like Virtual High School of Excellence and k-12 are bit cheaper from it.

  • Excel High School is a good addition to this list. They are really affordable and the new tuition plan is $ 89.

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