If you have ever tried to use the Internet to find college scholarships, you know that you have two choices: you can seek out each scholarship individually using Google or Bing, or you can use sites that compile information about scholarships into one place and allow you to search through them according to different search criteria. The latter can save you a lot of time but it comes with a catch: you usually have to offer up your name, email address, and countless other tasty morsels about yourself before you can use these scholarship search tools.

These sites then spam you endlessly with advertisements and sometimes even sell your information to advertisers. This seems to have become one of the necessary evils of searching for scholarships.

But thanks to a new site, there may be a better way to search for scholarships.

ScholarshipLibrary.com, which began earlier this year, is offering users all of the same information about scholarships but without the lengthy sign-up process and no spam. On this site, users need only enter their search terms in a search box to get results on relevant scholarship information. But how can this site offer the same information with no strings attached?

David Hickenbotham, product manager of ScholarshipLibrary.com, says, “The site can offer this information to users with no obligation because our business model is different. We don’t make our revenue off of emailing ads to users or selling their profile information to other companies.”

One On One Marketing, the company responsible for building and maintaining ScholarshipLibrary.com, specializes in lead generation, especially for the education industry. Hickenbotham explains how this helps ScholarshipLibrary.com users. “Because we aren’t list-sellers, we can afford to purchase the information for our site visitors to use,” he says. “And visitors can even add their own scholarship knowledge to the site, participating in helping us to make it better.”

That’s right. ScholarshipLibrary is built off a wiki, so site users can contribute to the site’s pages. “The goal is that we will get enough people behind this site that we can have the very best information on scholarships and with absolutely no risk to our users,” Hickenbotham says. “In the meantime, the database of information we’re giving away is comparable to any of the other scholarship sites on the Web.”

If you’re interested in searching for scholarships without giving away your information, you can visit ScholarshipLibrary to give it spin or to contribute your own scholarship knowledge.

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