Those living in the Midwest have probably heard of Vatterott College, as most of its 19 campuses are located across nine states there. Those not from that windy area probably cannot spell the name of the school right twice in the same sentence, but, unlike many universities, Vatterott keeps a strong focus on real-world training for its students to get them ready for the rigors of a full-time career.

Vatterott College began providing career training in 1969 and was recently honored in the news for being a “G.I. Jobs Military Friendly School” for 2013 because of its efforts in improving student services and offering additional programs and flexibility, especially for those with military experience.

As for the online courses available, Vatterott College offers a Business Management program, leading to an Associate of Occupational Studies degree. The course prepares students to enter the business world in an entry level position, with its focus ranging from business ethics and law to marketing and customer service.

Medical Billing and Coding is another program offered online by Vatterott College, also leading to an associate’s degree. This program would prepare a student to work as a medical biller or coder on the administrative side of health care. It covers coding, hospital and insurance billing, medical terminology, and an understanding of anatomy, physiology, diseases and medical terms needed to work in the field.

For those interested in becoming computer professionals in the area of security, Vatterott College offers an Information Systems Security program, which would grant a diploma to those who complete the program. It focuses on today’s computer security needs and business security issues. It’s also a preparatory course for the Security+ and CISSP certifications.

The Medical Assisting program they offer online isn’t truly an online course, but a combination of online courses and lab work done at the campus in Missouri, as well as an externship. It would prepare a student to work either in the administrative or clinical area of the health care field.

The continuing education classes Vatterott College offers are few and cater to specialized fields. They have a class titled “Your Role in the Green Environment” for construction workers.

For working your inner lawyer, there is an Electronic Evidence Discovery class that discusses how information stored in electronic forms on computers and phones plays a role in court cases and the law. You can also take a Smart Phone Programming course or learn basic fire alarm installation.

Vatterott College may not offer a wide variety of courses, but what is offered may be worth a look, even if you can’t spell the school’s name.

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