You prospective MBAs who do not want to quit your jobs to get your degree, take notice: Colorado Technical University has just been ranked among the top 10 online MBA programs by CEO Magazine. These rankings, based on student-to-faculty ratio, quality of faculty, class sizes, and diversity, are meant to set apart certain schools for their high-quality offerings, so this is a huge indicator of the strides Colorado Technical University has made in its online degree programs.

Naturally, the dean of CTU College of Business, Emad Rahim, was ecstatic. He said, “This global recognition demonstrates that our online MBA students gain access to innovative¬†experiences, highly-qualified faculty and a diverse array of fellow students, all of which are important criteria for those seeking to further their education and careers.”

I should also note here that Colorado Technical University is one of only six online MBA programs in the United States to earn this honor.

So what does this mean for you prospective MBAs out there?

It means you have more, better options than ever before. In today’s tight job market, few would-be students want to leave their hard-earned jobs to go full-time into a traditional MBA program. It’s expensive and it can cost you some real-world job experience. This makes online MBA programs more relevant and practical than ever. And if you’ve been paying attention to the rest of this post and you’re considering an online MBA, you’ve probably figured out that Colorado Technical University should be on your list of programs to consider.

Just FYI: the CTU online MBA program offers 11 concentrations with their programs, from Global Leadership to Healthcare Management, and boasts a 4 out of 5 approval rating from its students.

If you’d like to learn more about Colorado Technical University’s online MBA program, visit our Colorado Technical University page.

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